France Complicit in the Genocide in Yemen

Thursday, February 15, the NGO Sum Of Us, an international community of workers, consumers and investors, whose goal is to hold large firms and governments accountable, through campaigns on issues such as labor law, climate change or the protection of the environment … launched a petition for France to take responsibility for the genocide in Yemen.

It seems useful for us to recall that currently France is the third largest arms exporter in the world.
That is why an urgent appeal is being made to France, so that it immediately ceases supplying weapons to the military, infanticide and murderous coalition, led by Saudi Arabia against Yemen in which the civil population has been undergoing an unprecedented war since 2014.

According to SaphirNews, “The Saudi monarchy is one of the main customers of the French arms industry: it has solds them nearly 9 billion weapons between 2010 and 2016”, while Germany, like Norway, Belgium, and Canada have been trying to stop this death trade in Yemen.

Indeed, there is a global movement of arms disengagement sales to the Saudi autocratic regime, but the French government pretends to ignore it.
In recent months, Canada, Norway, and Belgium have frozen arms exports to the belligerent regimes involved in the war against Yemen. Last January, German Chancellor Angela Merkel had the wise initiative to make the same decision for her country, considering that it was time for the German government to no longer participate in this morbid trade and to declare the cessation of export in this region.
The NGO Sum of Us has therefore petitioned Emmanuel Macron, the President of the Republic, in which it states that “a child dies every ten minutes in Yemen because of a terrible and unjust war that enriches the armaments industry “.
While the arms trade is a highly strategic area, it tarnishes not only the image of the homeland of human rights, but also decimates thousands of lives.
According to the United Nations, the war in Yemen represents perhaps “the worst humanitarian crisis since the end of the Second World War”.

Let us recall that in 2014, France ratified an arms trade treaty which stipulates that a signatory state cannot authorize a sale of arms that would be used against civilians. However, Saudi Arabia’s military arsenal in recent years has been largely directed against the civilian population of Yemen.

Paris should have sounded the alarm and enforced the agreements. Macron was offended by Sum Of Us asking him to put an end to this monstrous trade that degrades France and the French.

“President Macron continues to portray himself as a humanist: let us push him to act and stand out from his predecessor by putting an end to this macabre trade.”

According to Romain Mielcarek, a journalist specializing in defense issues, this situation could change, since “governments and industry are sensitive to public opinion; citizens have a role to play, they can make a difference.”
It is nice to know that Sum Of Us members have already proven, on many occasions, that their voices can change the game and change situations.

It is dismaying, however, to see the need for an NGO intervention and pressure in order to force some leaders to behave humanely!!!

How can one think of “enjoying” a little bit of a trade that one knows well based on the most flagrant and terrible injustices?

What happened to the man of the 21st century? He kills life in all its forms, starting with the most beautiful which is that of a child, and then he thinks that he acts well.

What seems very URGENT is that the people around the world, must act as quickly as possible to force their leaders to put an end to all their crimes, their follies, their aberrations otherwise they will all be accomplices …