Facebook in the Service of Israel

Facebook is once again involved in a personal data breach case by a private firm, which works for the Israeli entity’s intelligence services.

As can be seen nowadays on TV screens all around the world, Israel is an entity that has made the killing of children and civilians its specialty.

We still remember the recent scandal, in which the “This is your Digital Life” application breached Facebook by collecting personal data of users and their friends, and revealed it to the “Cambridge Analytica” firm, which is accused of promoting Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and influencing the Brexit referendum.

Today, it is the Israeli surveillance company “Terrogence”, which, quoting Forbes magazine, has been exploiting data from websites and social media, such as Facebook and YouTube, to design a huge facial recognition system called Face-Int.

It should be pointed out that Terrogence, is not a like any other company. It has intimate ties with the Israeli criminal entity’s intelligence service and was also founded by a former officer of that same service.

This company has long been providing services to the US government, such as advanced spy technology for NSA, the Navy, and many security and intelligence agencies.

As Terrogence points out on its website, the database gathers profiles of thousands of suspects collected from different sources, including YouTube, Facebook and many forums around the world.

Obviously the word “suspects” used by a company working for Israeli intelligence certainly does not mean mere thieves. We know that in the eyes of a Zionist, a suspect refers to any person or organization daring to question the evil and nauseating ideology that animates the Israeli criminal entity.

For instance, a former employee indicates that when she was an analyst at Terrogence, she was conducting “public perception management operations for foreign and domestic government clients”, and that she used “the practices of open source intelligence, as well as methods of engineering social networks, to investigate social and political groups.”

The methods used by Terrogence to collect all these facial patterns on Facebook have not been revealed yet. Even when the surveillance company half-heartedly admits that it exploits the personal data of millions of users, Shai Arbel, Co-founder of Face-Int, who is also a former member of the intelligence services of the Israeli occupation army, clearly refused to answer questions about this technology’s mechanism.

Facebook, for its part, quickly denied any form of collaboration with the Israeli company. A company spokesman reported that Terrogence was unlikely to have followed Facebook’s policy, including the ban on puncturing data from the platform if they were subsequently to be used by intelligence services. The spokesman however insisted that no Facebook application was managed by this company.

However, the “Cambridge Analytica” scandal and recent cases have only proved the Internet giant’s lack of credibility and allayed serious doubts about the company’s good management. Especially since June 2016, when Facebook formally collaborated with the Israeli criminal regime, as part of a partnership to censor all those who oppose the Zionist entity. Thereafter, they started gathering photos and confidential information of “suspected” accounts intended to be censored.

It is obvious that Terrogence is not solely focusing on terrorism and national security issues, and that the Mossad enterprise is politically involved. This involvement will enable, if it has not already done so, its facial recognition system of creating real “blacklists” of individuals whose opinions oppose the American-Zionist ideology.

Blacklists that, for example, would be discreetly made available to international private companies or even Western public administrations that would refuse to hire individuals who are alleged to have “suspicious” profiles … of course all of this would happen unofficially …

Jay Stanley, an analyst with the American Civil Liberties Union, stated: “If private companies captured your photos and combined them with other personal information, we run the risk of seeing our rights violated”.

When these same companies work for the Israeli Zionist criminal entity, which specializes in the murder of children and continuously violates the most basic human rights, there is no doubt that these risks will turn into certainties.

The Anti-Zionist Party reiterates concerns about the use of our personal data by the social network’s giants, such as Facebook and others, which do not hesitate to sell or transmit them to companies whose objectives are far from humane.

In our previous articles, we already saw that for such cases, purely-economic goals might be sought after, but as for Terrogence, there could be political objectives which serve the interests of the Israeli criminal entity.

It is highly important to realize that if this Zionist infanticide entity harvests our personal information and photos, it will not hesitate to use them against us and our beloved ones, should it believe we are “suspicious”.

It is therefore essential that users have full control over their personal information and images, and that more stringent control policies are adopted by those who have proven to be true “Big Brothers” in the service of the American-Zionist empire.

It is also essential for users of digital technologies to stop, as much as possible, “handing out” their private data which will undoubtedly be recovered and exploited by the web vultures for evil purposes.