European dictatorship: plot in Portugal!

European dictatorship: plot in Portugal!
European dictatorship: plot in Portugal!

In recent days, Portugal was the victim of a silent plot organized by pro-European leaders of the country. This event is particularly serious. It comes at a time where we still remember the plot against the Greek government managed by a combination of political pressure from the Euro group as well as economic and financial pressures from the European Central Bank. This confirms the profoundly undemocratic nature of the European Union.

For the first time since the creation of the European Monetary Union, a Member State has taken the explicit decision to ban the assent to power of Eurosceptic parties on behalf of the national interest.

Let’s go back to a plot whose name we dare not speak of...

Portuguese economic situation after 4 years of austerity:

Measurements of the right-wing government of Prime Minister Passos Coelho who has been in power for four years, had the effect of causing one in four Portuguese to live under the poverty line and sometimes accumulate up to 50 hours per week of work in order to make ends meet until the end of the month. The Coelho government pushed hundreds of thousands of Portuguese to the path of exile. Meanwhile, the debt has yet to be cleared. Over the past ten years, austerity policies have brought down the country with sudden extreme unemployment.

Results of the elections:

During the election campaign, the right-wing coalition has defended its record and the continuation of austerity measures. However, on October 4th, the coalition lost the parliamentary elections. Right parties, led by Prime Minister Passos Coelho M. Pedro attained only 38.5% of the vote and lost 28 seats in Parliament.

A majority of Portuguese voters, 50.7%, voted against the latest austerity measures. These voters have focused their votes on the moderate left, the Portuguese Communist Party, and other formations of the radical left parties. Indeed, the Portuguese Socialist Party has 85 seats, the Left Bloc (radical left) 19 seats, and the Portuguese Communist Party 17 seats. Of the 230 seats in the Portuguese Parliament, this gives 121 anti-austerity forces when the majority needed is 116.

Forced passage of the Right to power:

Despite this, Anibal Cavaco Silva, the Constitutional President of Portugal, refused the appointment of a left coalition government even if it had obtained an absolute majority in the Portuguese parliament and got the mandate to end the austerity plan/regime imposed by the troika. He considered it too risky to let the Left Bloc and the Communists approach power. He insisted that the Conservatives must come together as a minority to satisfy Brussels and appease foreign financial markets.

Democracy must come second behind the rules of the Euro and the subscription to its area.

The speech of the Portuguese President is historic. For the first time, a major European politician clearly recognizes:

That the “democratic vote” is valid only for certain parties: the anti-austerity and / or anti-Euro parties are relegated to the ranks of outsiders;

Europe and the markets take precedence over democracy.

The Anti-Zionist Party isn’t surprised to find that the masks are gradually falling and that the European Union is showing its true face; the European Union is a dictatorship at the service of the Zionist elite in general and the “banksters” in particular.

Countries working for and supporting these dictatorships of the European Union would be fairer and wiser if they stopped giving lessons and imposing their model, because in reality, they are not interested in democracy or sovereignty for (their) people, but rather they defend their own interests at the expense of their people.

Source: RussEurope

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