EU / USA: Commercial War?

Mr. Margaritis Schinas, the spokesman for the European executive said:

“The European Union will take appropriate action if Washington imposes restrictions on its exports.”


“The EU will react quickly if US restrictions hit European exports.” “We here in the EU believe that trade can and must benefit everyone. We believe, too, that trade must be open, fair and rules-based. “

Margaritis Schinas noted that the European Union is “ready to react quickly and appropriately” in case its exports are affected by restrictions imposed by Washington, surely referring to the words of Donald Trump, who had previously complained about the EU’s “unfair” attitude towards the US stating that:

“The European Union treated the United States very unfairly in trade”, not to mention that it was difficult for US products to enter the European market.


We indeed believe that trade must be open, fair, equitably benefiting all parties concerned, and mutual trust must be one of its main bases. The major concern of the contemporary world is that this beautiful virtue is no longer appropriate between individuals and states; it has become obsolete. Many autocratic leaders, corrupt politicians, and unscrupulous officials have replaced it with force or violence, hence today’s chaos.


We also believe that our beautiful planet has enough wealth so that all countries and people of the world can greatly benefit without leaving anybody behind. The question is: Why do we not see the traces of these riches on everyone???