Drugs, it’s Good for Growth!

It could be the new government slogan encouraging taking drugs or trading drugs! Is it exaggerated? Not that much…


At a time when drug victims are continually increasing in Europe, according to the report drawn up by the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction, our National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) has decided to integrate drug trafficking into the calculation of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This measure, of an unnamed gravity, follows the request of the European Commission, under the direction of Eurostat, which since 2013 claims to want to harmonize the calculation of GDP at European level.


France now follows the same path as the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy. As early as May, INSEE will “take into account the consumption of narcotics and activities related to this consumption on national territory,” he said in a statement.


In other words, the consumption and illegal trafficking of drugs such as cocaine, heroin, amphetamines, crack, etc. (the list goes on!) Will help increase our growth!


As a reminder, GDP is one indicator, among many, that can measure the well-being of the inhabitants of a country.


But how can we integrate in the public accounts both what contributes to the well-being of its population and what is harmful to it?


How can the wealth produced by illicit drug traffickers be integrated into the public accounts, while pursuing a policy of repression against them?


It’s nonsense!


Politicking hypocrisy, scabrous arrangements … Soon the Macron government will congratulate itself, as if by magic, the growth of its growth, but like other European countries, we will remain discreet about the fact that drug trafficking has contributed to this boom! An article in the newspaper Le Monde cites: “the other European countries which have taken the plunge do not detail in their GDP, which vary each year for macroeconomic reasons, the part which concerns illegal traffics”.


What does this INSEE measure hide?


It is a new manifestation of our sovereignty which has been perpetually sold for decades to the benefit of the banks, Washington, Bilderberg and Co. … which dictates the political line of the European Commission.


The financial analyst, Olivier Delamarche, representative of the association Les Econoclasts, dismissed last year from the BFM business channel where he has been working since 2009, strongly criticized this decision by INSEE:


“I tell you, every time we get to the bottom, we dig! And to add: “it is not a surprise that France puts itself in it, but I still think that when we are reduced to that, it’s really bad!” France will go even further: “Soon (…) another part of the economy will be integrated into the GDP (…):” prostitution “! “, He added


This new measure of the INSEE according to the Econoclasts:

  • will increase the debt of the State without there being any tax revenue (obviously drug traffickers will not declare their wages!).
  • It will create a sneaky conflict of interest with the public power: “must we really fight against this scourge now that it contributes to growth?”
  • This false wealth effect will be a pretext for bankers to sell risky products: “watch the growth is there!”
  • And icing on the cake, the French will be entitled to an increase in their taxes.


The Anti-Zionist Party is not surprised by the direction taken by our country under the presidency of Emmanuel Macron. Everything is done to save time and make the French believe that our current president will turn the country around.


Our monetary system, based on debt and the exponential enrichment of banks, is doomed to its own loss. To care for a sick country, whose financial system is bankrupt, by injecting it with doses of narcotics to make it hold a little more, is illusory … On the other hand, the fall due to overdose will be very real!