By 2050, We Will No Longer Use Speech to Communicate

If we stick to the adage “speech is silver, silence is golden,” and the words of an expert who carries out research on artificial intelligence in the UAE United Arab Emirates, we are heading towards a golden age.


He asserts that by 2050 we will no longer communicate through speech but through a computer-generated collective consciousness.

Work on artificial intelligence has determined that this “hybrid intelligence” will understand the emotions of the people who it will be connected to, and that it will use their minds to develop. This new form of intelligence, called the Hybrid Intelligence Biometric Avatar (or HIBA), will take control of the “persona” of its users, to exchange information with them. Thus, it will truly integrate into the human brain. We will be able to communicate from brain to brain anywhere on the planet.

In any case, this was stated by Marko Karjnovic, the organizer of an exhibition devoted to HIBA, which was presented at the Museum of the Future in Dubai, part of the World Government Summit this week.” She can talk to you, get information from you, and put it in a different space of knowledge,” he promises.

The World Government Summit

The World Government Summit is “a global platform dedicated to shaping the future of government around the world”. “Each year, the summit sets the agenda for the next generation of governments by focusing on how they can embrace innovation and technology to solve the universal challenges facing humanity,” this can be read on the site of the aforementioned event.

Indeed, the United Arab Emirates launched a program called “Artificial Intelligence Strategy” last October. The country has thus become one of the pioneers of research in this field. Last year, they also appointed Omar Sultan Al-Ulama as Minister of Artificial Intelligence.

Deeper contact than that with verbal communication

By 2050, all humans would have the ability to be connected to this collective conscious, which will meld with everyone “everywhere, anytime,” Karjnovic said. He also pointed out that this hybrid intelligence was a representation of the UAE’s ambition for artificial intelligence: “HIBA will have the ability to connect the minds of the smartest among us, to combine these minds with what it understands itself and to mix it all into hybrid intelligence.”

He believes that this technology will be more effective than verbal communication, and that it will allow people to have deeper contact with their friends, families, and co-workers.

Moreover, this intelligence will have many benefits for society. Thus, it will not only be possible to faster diagnose diseases, but also to fight against delinquency by directly examining the brains of perpetrators and victims of crimes.