Bombings in Paris: a conspiracy against Islam!

Bombings in Paris: a conspiracy against Islam!

The tragedy of November 13th, in addition to having the nation mourn, reignited the flames of Islamophobia. It equated Islam and Daesh, further stigmatizing the French Muslim population placing them under the bull’s-eye of terrorists and the one of Islamophobic racists.

The official dialogue seems to refuse this mixture between Muslims and terrorists:

Does it have to do with the fact that we are on the eve of several elections?

Or is it because some officials are aware that France will not be able to handle a civil war against its Muslim population, the largest in Europe?

In the media, the word “Islam” is almost no longer used anymore when making reference to the attacks and the term “Islamic state” now gives way to “Daesh” to avoid confusion with Islam or Muslims.

It now borrows a more winding paths in order to raise the subject (mosques searches, worshipers of Allah etc …) and pathological Islamophobia that we used to see pollute our screens for years, currently appear conspicuously absent …

There is no doubt that what lies behind this willingness is to push Muslims in France toward one of two choices: Two visions of Islam: the First one represented by Daesh the terrorists, regressive and bloody, the second represented by secular Islam, enlightened and liberal, which is promoted  by Zionists media .

Thus, the strategy of the enemies of Islam is clear: to create a front against authentic Islam through the promotion of the secularization of Muslims. To bring them to a religion devoid of its substance and values, one which would be perfectly compatible with an environment entirely dedicated to the worship of money and pleasure.

We reject this choice and opt for authentic Islam, which stands up for justice and defends the oppressed, the Islam which consists of the search for love and truth, the elevation of the human being and not its degradation and lowering to the level of animal.

We desire neither a monstrous religion as preached by Daesh and others, nor an eccentric and materialistic religion compatible with the neo-liberal Western world, but an Islam of spirituality and values which can only enrich any environment in which it is established.

We must keep in mind that these French Muslims are hardly the ones who are guilty of this catastrophic situation in which our country is placed. It is time to open our eyes to the real culprits beyond the simple fanatical perpetrators of Daesh.

Indeed, under the last two presidents, our country has seen its foreign policy make a 180 degree turn from a rather independent and balanced policy to a policy absolutely aligned with American-Zionist strategic interests, which turned the French into victims.

This criminal policy of combating terrorism with one hand while supporting, financing, providing weapons and equipment with the other, was conducted by both the right and the left wings of government which share responsibility for this disaster.

Domestically, why have we allowed this takfirist ideology to develop?

Why only now has the decision been taken to cleanse Salafist mosques?

Why did we let these young French people fall into the hands of blind terrorism?

Yet everyone was well aware that social inequality, the abandonment of the Muslim youth to their fate, lack of opportunity, and a lack of trust to the state is where the ideology of Daesh prospered.

The Anti-Zionist Party calls on the French to stop voting for UMPS, reminding them that the UMPS is primarily responsible for the catastrophic state engulfing our country.

These politicians have pushed young Muslims into the hands of extremists, by marginalizing them in our society through the Islamophobic discourses, racism, social injustice, and inequality they face.

Rejected by their own country, they join the ranks of various fanatical terrorist groups to conduct an insane jihad which satisfies the Zionist interests with the blessings of various governments within our country.

There is no doubt that the French will remember this when it’s time to vote!

Yahia GouasmiYahia Gouasmi

President of the Anti-Zionist Party