Blackmail for a nuclear war!

guerre_nucleaire_01In our article “Dangerous escalation of tension between Russia and the West! ” The Anti-Zionist Party informed you of US intentions, released as of June 14th by the New York Times, the United States is studying the possibility of permanently deploying tanks, heavy weapons, and a force of 5,000 soldiers into the Baltic States and other NATO countries, in Eastern Europe (including Poland) or the former Soviet Union.
The information guarantees as was confirmed by the Minister of Defense Ashton Carter, Tuesday, June 23 in Tallinn, capital of Estonia, that the United States would “temporarily deploy weapons […] in Central and Eastern European countries”.
As a prelude to the outbreak of military aggression, the United States surrounded Russia with deposits of heavy weapons (tanks and mobile artillery equipment) in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania and Poland. “The equipment will be in the region for training and exercises,” said the Minister of Defense, adding that some would be sent to Germany to strengthen the Organization of the North Atlantic Treaty (NATO).
The deployment of heavy military equipment to the Russian border by the United States which contradicts Russia-NATO agreements in 1997 is explained by the fact that the Ukrainian crisis wasn’t solved the way that the United States and the NATO countries wanted. Hence they “came to the borders of Russia,” as noted by Russian President Vladimir Putin on June 16, 2015. This additional threat has forced Russia to reconsider its defense strategies and to deploy additional troops in the region.
The United States and its Zionist lobbies are increasingly imposing themselves as a destructive warring power leading our world for the worse. Their aggressive policy -deploying heavy weapons at the gates of Russia- is a clear message; a declaration of war!
The Anti-Zionist Party calls on responsible Europeans -if any still remains- and the people to work on calming the tense atmosphere between the United States and Russia. The danger for us lies in waiting, we are all concerned by the threat of a nuclear war.However, if we have the will-power to regain control of our destiny, then the worst is no longer certain.
Yahia GouasmiYahia Gouasmi

President of the Anti-Zionist Party