Bahrain: The Voice of Israel


The micro-state of Bahrain is increasingly asserting itself as being at the forefront of the standardization of Gulf countries with the criminal Zionist entity.


A true “voice of its master”, Bahrain turns out to be even more royalist than the king, using the same aggressive and slanderous rhetoric of the Zionist entity towards the Islamic Republic of Iran in particular, and the Axis of Resistance more generally.


And while it has already pitilessly repressed its popular, yet peaceful, opposition for several years using criminal methods that would make the soldiers of Israel’s occupational arm blush with jealousy, it welcomes the best of the best from the Zionists on its soil.


Indeed, we learn that Rabbi Marc Schneier, vice president of the World Jewish Congress, a historic Zionist organization, was received by the ruler Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa to discuss regional concerns in the Middle East.


Following the visit, which was his second in the country since 2011, the Zionist leader told Israeli news website i24: “The Persian Gulf kingdoms are waiting for Benjamin Netanyahu to make a bold and courageous move to launch the process of establishing diplomatic relations with Israel, “adding,” I can predict that you will begin to see diplomatic relations between Israel and the Gulf countries within two years “.


He said that among the six Gulf states: Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain, the latter was the most eager for a rapprochement with the Zionist entity.


“Not only do I have contact with the royal family of Bahrain, but also with Qatar and Saudi Arabia. I have seen remarkable changes in their attitudes towards “Israel” and we are living in truly exciting and historical times. ”


Two days after Rabbi Schneier’s visit, a statement by the Bahraini Ministry of the Interior accused Iran of “supporting terrorist operations” in Bahrain and “training their perpetrators”.


At the same time, the GCC composed of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, has officially designated Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, which could lead to sanctions against the resistance party as well as companies and institutions associated with it. The King of Bahrain also recommended that this decision be taken up by the Arab League.


It is recalled that Bahrain was the first Arab country to designate Hezbollah as a terrorist organization in March 2013, in the wake of the popular unrest that erupted in the country among its majority Shia population in the wake of the events of the 2011 Arab Spring.


A popular protest which was repressed in a blood thirsty way, and the regime continues to blame the Islamic Republic and Hezbollah.


For example, the Bahraini government accuses the Iranian Revolutionary Guards of having formed “a cell whose aim is to target the leaders of the security apparatus, the patrols and the buses carrying security forces, as well as the oil and vital installations of Iran. Bahrain to undermine public order and the national economy, “reports Fars News from the official Bahraini statement.


This stigmatization of Iran is also part of the strategy to cover up the inclinations to recognize Israel among these populations. Normalization with the colonial entity inevitably involves the demonization of Iran and Hezbollah; the leaders of the axis of the Resistance.


A way to pass the pill to a population already ignited by the repressive policy of the regime, but also to obey the injunctions of the Zionist masters who take the lead.


This is the meaning of Schneier’s words in The Jerusalem Post after his meeting with al-Khalifa saying “Iran is not only an obstacle, but an opportunity for peace between Israel and the Arab countries” , adding that the Zionist entity and the Gulf states shared this “common enemy”, and that their alliance in order to fight it was “natural”.


As if these monarchies, led by shameless and degenerate despots could fight anybody except their own people …


Once again, the Anti-Zionist Party reprimands the Bahraini regime, which yet again demonstrates its servility to the Israeli criminal entity and warns its leaders against the inevitable return backlash which history will inflict on them.


Normalization with the Israeli colonial entity can never be as simple as these petro-monarchs in the pay of the Zionists, because fortunately, their populations mostly stand alongside the martyred Palestinian people.


These leaders, in their blind arrogance, do not realize that their actions go against the flow of history, which is heading for the liberation of occupied Palestine and the collapse of Tel Aviv’s criminal regime.


They continue to dance to the tune of a partition dictated by the Zionists. But, they seem to forget that at the end of the ball, we always pay the musicians.