Bahrain: New Arrest of Civilians, Including minors, by the Al-Khalifa Regime

Thirteen people were arrested in al-Diraz near Manama, including several children, by the oppressive Bahraini regime forces of Al-Khalifa, during a tough intervention. The place is not insignificant as the home of the high-dignitary, Ayatollah Sheikh Issa Qassem, is there.

Sheikh Issa Qassem is known for his recurrent criticism of the royal family and the government of Manama. He was accused of “encouraging confessionals” and “serving foreign interests.” In other words, promoting Shiism and being tied to Iran. It should be noted that Bahrain is ruled by the Al-Khalifa Sunni dynasty in a country where 70% of the population is Shiite and, most often, of Persian origin. In June 2016, the Bahraini authorities withdrew Sheikh Issa Qassem’s nationality, who, having refused this unfair and unjustifiable sentence, was placed under house arrest, where he was denied the medical care he badly needed.


Several houses in the town of Barbar were searched by regime forces and 5 people were apprehended, including one child. The police also arrested a person in the locality of Alkurura.

Previously, regime forces arrested 10 civilians, including several children, in the town of al-Diraz.

Several houses were also destroyed by the “oppressive order” forces of Al-Khalifa, which was denounced on social networks by the defenders of the human rights.

In addition, according to the overwhelming testimony of several human rights organizations, “detainees were often led by security forces to the Criminal Investigation Department, where they were subjected to torture “.

The Anti-Zionist Party, once again, sounds the alarm and summons Bahrain’s despotic regime to stop its immoral, unfounded and unjust actions against the Bahraini people who are calling for the right to peace.

So many horrors passed over in silence, so many unpunished injustices, so many rights violated … until when will you let these ignoble acts continue?

It is high time to take action and call on our political leaders and international media to shoulder their responsibilities by pressuring Bahrain’s regime to stop its oppressive and criminal policies.