Syria / Lebanon: facing the onslaught of DAESH, the Resistance!

qalamoun_hezbollah_01Syria / Lebanon: facing the onslaught of DAESH, the Resistance!

.Syria: the Resistance takes control of the culmination of the strategic hills Qalamoun … Syria / Lebanon: facing the onslaught of DAESH, Resistance is gaining ground!

Syrian government forces, backed by fighters from Hezbollah Lebanese resistance movement, have made significant progress in the mountainous Qalamoun, west of Syria and along the border with Lebanon.

Syrian and Lebanese forces took control of the culmination of the strategic hills east of Qalamoun; Talaat Moussa, they managed to drive out the terrorists of al-Qaeda affiliated to Al-Nusra Front, following fighting which caused dozens of deaths and casualties among the terrorists. All terrorists crossing points are now under the supervision of the Syrian army and the movement of Syrian and Lebanese Hezbollah.

The victory of the Syrian army and Hezbollah over DAESH terrorism highlights their continued unity and undermines the objectives of the US and their Zionist allies, according to General Wesley Clark, politician and former general of the US Armed Forces,,he said in an interview with the US television network CNN that ” the Islamic State [ DAESH , note] was created with funding from our friends and our allies in order to fight to the death against Hezbollah ! “

The words of the American general confirm what Israeli leaders had said that the main threat to the security of the Zionist entity ” Israel “comes from Iran, Syria and Hezbollah, and not DAESH or Al Qaeda!

US Ambassador David Hale in Lebanon has declared, in a televised debate tha ” DAESH has not constituted a danger to Lebanon until the day Hezbollah intervened in Syria . “

The Anti Zionist Party considers the recent statements of the US Ambassador shameful and revealing. He denounced the evil plans of the United States and their acolytes, who became mercenaries in the service of international Zionism. The aim of Zionism is to multiply terrorist groups in the Arab-Muslim world on one hand, destabilize and take control and on the other, develop Islamophobic sentiment in the West.

Yahia GouasmiYahia Gouasmi

President Of Anti Zionist Party