Yemen: Saudi Arabia proposes a humanitarian truce which they violates several times!


Led by Saudi Arabia, the Arab coalition multiplies strategists to force upon the Yemeni people, the fleeing president Mansour Hadi; the staunch ally of the Zionist Arabia.

At the request of Saudi Arabia, Yemeni popular movement has agreed to a five days cease-fire, it was supposed to come into force on 12 May 2015. It was intended to channel humanitarian assistance to a people in distress but it was violated by Saudi Arabia, minutes after its entry into force and thereafter repeatedly.

The Zionist Arabia is such a dictatorship to their people and wants to act the same way towards the Yemeni people. It uses a regional Arab military force, which executes their orders dictated by world Zionism through financial aid.

The political problem in Yemen can”t be solved militarily: aerial assault failed and any ground intervention in Yemen by Saudi Arabia will be fatal.

This is why the Anti Zionist Party calls on the international community to encourage the upcoming negotiations bringing together the various components of Yemen. The Wahhabi monarchy must recognize that they can”t put in power a person rejected by the Yemeni people (former President Mansour Hadi-). The conferences, which the pétromonarchie participates will achieve nothing as long as it does not invite to the table the popular movement Houthi, which represents a large part of the Yemeni people.

The strategic choices of the Zionist Saudi are those of an anti-Islamic country. This is why the Anti Zionist Party called Saudi people to dissociate themselves from political choices of their Saudi leaders and demand an immediate end to attacks in Yemen. Their leaders have joined the global Zionism to destroy the House of Islam! The Saudi people must be aware and act accordingly.

Yahia GouasmiYahia Gouasmi

President of Anti Zionist Party