2512734lpw-2512735-article-jpg_3160387_660x281-300x128After the emotions which gripped the country following the terrible attacks which took place last Friday, it is time to ask the right questions about who is responsible and the causes for this tragedy.

Why was France targeted?

What is the responsibility of our government?

Who encouraged and supported the terrorist groups that attack us today?

Only by attempting to objectively answer these questions, can we learn from this tragedy and find ways to fight against the violence that plagues our nation.

The claim made by DAESH for these attacks shows that the attacks are linked to the involvement our country has in and the role it plays in the war that has ravaged Syria for nearly 5 years.

Indeed, early in the war against the Syrian people, our government called for the fall of the President Bashar Al Assad, even going as far as calling for his physical elimination: we remember the words of our foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, who said that “Assad does not deserve to be on Earth” or the words of our president, calling for his “elimination”.

At the time, the French jihadists used to fight in Syria with the silent blessing of our government that has yet to raise the issue of their return to France until, having understood the danger, France decided to change its strategy by bombing the positions of Daesh, causing a bloody reaction from the terrorist organization.

France has decided to blindly follow the Eastern policy of the US-Zionists and their Arab and Turkish allies, engaging in this anti- Bashar crusade even though our own country has no interest, neither economic nor political, to it. We saw that the destruction of Syria profited the Israelis and the Americans, and we are now paying the price of this blind alignment with the Zionist interests.

The Islamic State (Daesh) and FSA (Free Syrian Army) are composed of “Islamic” groups that use terrorist attacks and mass killings to conduct the civil war in Syria which has killed nearly 200,000 people and created millions of refugees.

Today it turns out that the development of these jihadist forces is the direct consequence of the arming, training and funding by the CIA, Mossad, France and the Gulf monarchies, for the overthrow of Assad. FSA, which was officially armed by president Hollande who called it a democratic army, saw large sections of its militia join the Al-Nosra Front, an affiliate of al-Qaeda, that our foreign minister welcomed as “doing good work” in Syria!!!

Yet within the country, voices have always been raised against this support for terrorist groups, such as that of the MP Claude Goasguen who cannot be accused of plotting,  who recently stated that France was supporting Al Qaeda in Syria … Unfortunately our media is hardly fit to relay these sensible words.

Thus, the French Government has provided unwavering support to a number of active terrorist groups in Syria, hoping to be able to overthrow the legal government of Bashar Al-Assad, and today France receives a heavy blow from these same terrorist groups.

It is time to clearly explain to the French that these jihadist networks that are mortal enemies of people around the world are also the forces illegally used by Western states and their allies in the Persian Gulf for the satisfaction of their deep interests. Our country bears a serious responsibility for the use and manipulation of jihadist forces, like local agents, to destabilize Syria. Today, the French people pay the consequences as predicted by presidents Assad and Putin, who have repeatedly explained that the terrorism ravaging Syria will inevitably reach France and Europe.

The Russian military intervention has changed the situation and has proven that it is possible to eradicate the jihadist groups if they have a political will; Moscow has managed to do in one month what the international coalition led by the United States could not achieve in more than a year.

It also highlighted the shady game of France who continues to give priority to the call for the end of the Syrian regime, and to retreat in an irresponsible situation, striking Daesh while preserving other jihadist groups.

So while the White House and the Kremlin are negotiating how to get rid of the jihadists, France today is the leading power which calls for the overthrow of the Syrian regime, publicly supported by Turkey and Saudi Arabia, and, covertly, by Israel. How can this incomprehensible position be explained by anything other than it aligning to the interests of Tel Aviv?

It is important to understand that the terrorist attacks against France will not cease without the eradication of jihadist groups in Syria. To this end, cooperation with Russia is essential. And rather than advocating sending ground troops, as currently understood which further exacerbates the terrorist threat to our country, our army should provide air support to the troops of the Syrian army responsible for fighting terrorists on the ground.

In light of these elements, the Anti-Zionist Party calls on our government to reconsider its foreign policy and review its strategic alliances in the fight against terrorism by reconsidering the Russian as well as other proposals for peace in the Middle East.

Considering the support of countries with terrorist movements either by creating them (the terrorist movements) for geostrategic purposes, funding them, or complying with them, France must absolutely review its relations with the US, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Turkey.

The support of our government to jihadist groups abroad and the relations of France with their main state sponsors are serious, dangerous, and unacceptable!

This finding should raise the general mobilization of all French people and we need to pressure our government to stop this irresponsible policy, for which we are now paying a heavy price.


Yahia GouasmiYahia Gouasmi

President of the Anti-Zionist Party