Arms Sale Agreement between the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia!

The scandalous and deplorable role played by the United Kingdom in the civil war in Yemen is attracting more and more attention because it continues to train the Saudi air force despite the growing evidence of the actions of the coalition led by the Saudi regime and causing unprecedented casualties among civilians in Yemen.


According to Britain’s Secretary of State for Defense Michael Fallon, Britain is helping Saudi royal forces “improve their targeting technique. ”


Recall that on Friday, March 9, the British defense group BAE Systems announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia for the purchase of 48 Eurofighter Typhoon fighter aircrafts.


To this end, an official at the Yemeni Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sana’a severely condemned this agreement as the Saudi regime continues its barbaric aggression against Yemen.


The signature of this contract, the amount of which is kept secret, follows a visit by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to the United Kingdom.


This official told the Yemeni Saba agency that:


“This transaction confirms the British government’s continued support for Saudi military operations against Yemen, which the international community has said has caused the worst humanitarian disaster in the world.”


He did not fail to notice that:


“This measure contradicts all the positions announced by the British government on its concern about the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Yemen. ”


He explained that:


“In order to resolve the humanitarian situation and halt the deterioration caused by the Saudi-led war, it was necessary to put an end to aggressive military operations, lift the blockade, open Sana’a’s International Airport, and not finalize agreements for the sale of arms and ammunition with a country involved in all forms of violations of international law and human rights conventions. ”


In addition, he called on the British government to


“Revise this memorandum of understanding and assume its humanitarian responsibilities to prohibit the sale of these aircrafts that will be used to kill Yemeni civilians and destroy Yemen’s infrastructure.”


This Yemeni official did not fail to thank all the NGOs, all the personalities as well as all the British deputies who opposed the systematic slaughter of the Yemeni people led by Saudi Arabia.


We strongly condemn all officials, regardless of their nationalities and ranks we hold responsible for the genocide in Yemen. By concluding such a weapons transaction with Saudi bloodthirsty executioners, you directly participate in the massacres of the civilian population and you destroy a sovereign country.


You are hypocrites of the worst kind because your declarations, supposedly humanitarian, are radically opposed to your actions which denote your true disloyal nature which only aspires to the lure of gain. If you think you can take advantage of what you derive as “profits” from such macabre and immoral trading, let us tell you that you are seriously mistaken and the future will prove this to you.


The best human beings are those who carefully preserve their humanity by helping their neighbor, by relieving the unfortunate, the one who is in distress, the one who lives with difficulty … without waiting for a anything in return except the inner satisfaction of seeing a smile emerging on the face of the distressed…