Arabia / UAE / USA: Anti-Iranian Coalition

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson during a meeting of the Bilateral Coordination Council

High-ranking authority in the Trump administration, Fars News reports that representatives of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and the United States have come together and have taken concrete steps to create of an anti-Iranian committee, Tuesday, March 20th.


According to the National website, this committee will begin its work this week, its goal: closer cooperation to counter what they describe as “destabilizing behavior of Iran”.


The members of this committee will meet regularly to coordinate the tactics and mechanisms to be adopted in order to carry out their malicious aims towards a sovereign country. Moreover, a neighbor whose only fault is that its leaders, just as its people, refuse to bow down to Arrogance International!


It is known that this measure will be announced on the sidelines of the visit which the Saudi crown prince bin Salman will undertake in Washington. The same measure will be taken by the national security adviser of the United Arab Emirates who will visit Washington in the coming days.


According to this report, for the White House, this is an “important opportunity” because the American, Emirati and Saudi representatives have already discussed their joint warlike policy against the Islamic Republic of Iran before a new working group emerges.


The unnecessarily aggressive course towards a Muslim and neighboring country adopted by the Emirati and Saudi autocrats is unspeakable!


Nevertheless, it is easily explained by the fierce will of these bloodthirsty tyrants to want to keep their places in power, against all odds, in order to dominate their people and the region!


The long history of mankind teaches us that it is essential to know one’s real enemy and, more importantly, to never trust him because it only brings loss, desolation and remorse.


Do you sincerely believe that Iran is your enemy, or do you pretend to believe it in order to arrive at your vile and abject personal agenda?


Come back to reason before it’s too late for you, ask the right questions about the true motivations of American-Zionist Arrogance and act accordingly.


Your passage in history will be recorded according to your actions, your words and your positions in relation to your people and those of the region.


Free Men come out the front door, as for the others well…