Arabia Opens Its Airspace

This is a first in Saudi Arabia’s history and the news was relayed by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz .

Since Wednesday, February 7th, Saudi Arabia has opened its airspace to Air India airliners heading to the occupied Palestinian territories!


Indeed, sources in the Israeli aerospace industry say that, for the first time, Riyadh allows direct flights from New Delhi to Tel Aviv using its airspace.

Saudi Arabia’s endorsement of this request from the infanticide State has confirmed another step taken by Riyadh in the direction of normalization with Tel Aviv.


Recall that on January 15, during the visit by the Israeli war criminal, Benyamin Netanyahu, in India, an agreement was signed in the air transport domain stipulating the establishment of a connection between India and occupied Palestine. This was done however, without confirming the opening of Saudi Arabia’s airspace.

It was at the request of the Israeli company El Al that Netanyahu asked Riyadh’s regime to grant approval for Israeli planes to land in India via Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

Moreover, the regime in Tel Aviv has made plans to construct a railway linking occupied Palestine to Arabia. The budget for this project is estimated at 15 million shekels ( $4.5 million). The initial plan to establish a railway between Beit Shean in occupied Palestine and the crossing point Sheikh Hussein in Arabia.

According to the Israeli daily Yediot Aharonot, the project plans to link Israeli ports with other countries in the region, including Iraq and the Persian Gulf Coast.


In addition, according to Israel’s Minister of Transport and Intelligence Yisrael Katz,  Israel’s economy will be strengthened if a link is established between Arabia, the Persian Gulf Basin countries, and Jordan on one hand, and the port from Haifa and the Mediterranean from the other.

Reuters reports that since the beginning of the Syrian conflict in 2011, Israel has made the port of Haifa the main artery through which Turkish and European goods travel to Arab countries.

However, political considerations and the port’s limited capacity to receive the goods prevented the Israeli regime from achieving its goals in this area. The Israeli regime has not concealed its desire to normalize relations with Arabia and other countries in the region.

As usual, the criminal entity of Israel works only to achieve its vilest ambitions, and it succeeds every time to the extent that many Arab and Muslim leaders are totally subject to it, ignoring the well-being and the interests of their own people.

The normalization practiced by some Arab countries with the infanticide regime has opened doors to many dangerous implications for the countries of the region and even the world. Zionist leaders know no bounds when it comes to pursuing their satanic and hegemonic plans, with the approval of their supposedly Muslim Arab counterparts!

These are perhaps clear signs of the eschatological era that will see the final battle between the two sides: the good and the evil. The outcome of this battle will be determined by the side with that has the “real strength.”