Algeria: Capital Punishment for Israeli Spy

The Algerian judiciary has sentenced a pro-Israel spy to death. Other members of a spy ring have also each been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

According to the Espace Manager news website, the criminal court of Ghardaïa in Algeria has delivered its verdict in the case of espionage for the benefit of Israel in which seven people are involved: A Liberian of Lebanese origin, three Malians, two Guineans, and a Ghanaian.

Accused of espionage, constitution, and the organization of a criminal gang that undermines national security, printing, possession and dissemination of subversive documents advocating terrorism and calling for the undermining of the security of the Algerian state, the accused all pleaded not guilty and claimed to have immigrated to Algeria to work and try to cross the Mediterranean to reach Europe.

According to the source, the court sentenced Lebanese-born Libyan Aalam Eddine Faisal to death and sentenced each of the other six defendants to 10 years in prison and a fine of 200,000 AD.

In this regard, the Algerian daily Ennahar writes that Aâlam Eddine Fayçal appeared on Tuesday in court. He was wounded in the foot at the time of his arrest and carried with him pamphlets, confidential letters, and pro-Israel books and notebooks, a certain amount of money in foreign currency and in Algerian dinars, as well as sophisticated communication tools.

At the beginning, Aâlam Eddine Faisal denied knowing other members of the espionage network, but the investigation which allowed access to his contacts found other spies and mercenaries, including one named Moussa Diarra of Malian nationality, who managed to escape and return to his country. According to Ennahar, the accused admitted that he regularly traveled to Lebanon and to a border village in Israel. He had multiple trips to Algeria and Europe and when he was arrested, he was in Ghardaia where he had come to receive medical treatment, according to his confession.

For Algerian justice, the movements of Aâlam Eddine Faisal and the other members were intended to transmit or carry out instructions according to the confiscated plans.

This is not the first time that Mossad (one of Israel’s top three intelligence agencies) has been engaged in espionage activities in Algeria.

Two years ago, German and Algerian media reported that Mossad spied on Algeria via Germany.