AL Ghouta is Being Released!

Another decisive victory for the Syrian Army, which now controls 90% of Eastern Ghouta, the last terrorist bastion on the outskirts of Damascus.


After more than a month of fighting and bombing, Russian-sponsored evacuation agreements have concluded with terrorist groups.

The enclave, located on the eastern flank of Damascus, is almost entirely under the control of the Syrian government. It will no longer be a constant threat to the people of the capital, where civilians will no longer risk being the victims of regular rocket and shell fire from this terrorist stronghold.

Since last week, the armed groups that controlled this territory since 2013 surrendered in turn. After the Salafists of “Ahrar Al-Sham”, the fighters of “Faylaq Al-Rahman”, as well as other armed jihadist factions also signed the evacuation agreement imposed by Russia which is in reality is a pure and simple surrender.

According to the terms of this agreement, the rebels must deliver their heavy weapons, maps of tunnels and minefields to the Syrian army, before their exfiltration. According to the Syrian media, 1,500 fighters and 5,500 members of their families will be evacuated to the province of Idlib.

All that remains is the Duma pocket, north of Ghouta, still under the control of the “Jaysh al-Islam” terrorists. Negotiations are under way for the evacuation of combatants and civilians who wish to leave this stronghold of the opposition to the Syrian army. But, still linked to Saudi Arabia, the terrorist group is against the evacuation of its members to Idlib; the last zone of the country which is still under the control of armed jihadist groups.

Recall that all these groups pledged allegiance to “Fateh al-Sham”, formerly “Al-Nusra”, Syrian branch of “al-Qaeda”, including “Jaysh al-Islam” and “Ahrar al Sham”.

It was these same groups that Western media and governments kept calling “moderate rebels”, while the Syrian government was accused of mass killings from the beginning of the offensive for the recovery of the Ghouta.

The usual accusations are made when extremist groups find themselves cornered and on the brink of collapse as was the case during the recovery of Aleppo in 2016.

On the other hand, it is certain that our information channels are not likely to show us the images of jubilant civilians thanking the Syrian army for their liberation during the reclaiming of the Ghouta…

Next Goal: Idlib

All that remains now is the Idlib area in the northwest of the country to escape control of the Syrian army. This province contains all the infiltrated terrorist groups in the aftermath of the battles of Homs, Aleppo, and certain districts of Damascus and now of Ghouta.

As part of the de-escalation zone, which is a part of the negotiations between Russia, Iran, and Turkey, the Idlib region is watching Syria’s Allied forces advance from Homs and Aleppo, paving the way for the Syrian army to enter the scene.

The province of Idlib, which is almost completely under the rule of ex-Al-Nusra front, will certainly soon be the target of a major offensive by the Syrian army and its allies; a prelude to a total recon quest of the country after 7 years of a ruthless war imposed by Western- Zionists and their jihadist “proxies”.

No doubt that during this future offensive, our media’s orders will be new in order to show the fate of the civilians and the groups which they call “moderate rebels”.

Propaganda used so often to the point that it becomes ridiculous.

The Anti-Zionist Party congratulates the Syrian people for their victory in the reconquest of Ghouta, thanks to the relentless resistance of the population, the national army, and its allies.

We hope that this victory is the prelude to the forthcoming recovery of the entire territory, in order to dislodge what remains of terrorist groups in the pay of American-Zionists.