Absent from the ” list of shame “encourages Israel to assassinate more Palestinian children!

enfant_palestinen_armee_sioniste_01The General Secretary of the UN Ban Ki-Moon, saw no need to include the Zionist entity in the UN list including the organizations and countries that violate the children rights and displaying 51 entities among them Boko Haram DAESH and armies from eight countries (Syria, Yemen, DRC, South Sudan, etc.) are included.

Yet that infanticide regime and its army killer of children which largely deserved to be at the top of this “ list of shame “, with murders of 540 children and thousands of wounded and homeless among them in the latest aggression against Gaza, have hardly seemed enough to convince the international institution.

Calls from organizations defending human rights, including Human Rights Watch, to include Israel in the list found no echo and the UN, yet charged to protect the oppressed, was once again a subject to the pressure of the Jewish state usurper, avoiding embarrassing situation at the time when the boycott campaign against Israeli products is growing among Western public opinion.

The Israeli ambassador to the UN, Ron Prosor, has also expressed his joy, June 8, after the release of the list by the UN , unlike the Algerian Leila Zerrouki Special Representative to Ban Ki-Moon to the plight of children in armed conflict, which has demanded an explanation to this scandalous decision, which carries two messages.

The first, addressed to Israelis, encourages them to ” kill as many Palestinian children as they wish since the institution will never hold them accountable .” “The other message is for the Palestinians that the killing of their children does not require surgery, or even denunciation from the UN, which supposed to protect them !

The Anti Zionist Party condemns with the utmost vigor, the scandalous decision taken by the UN, which demonstrates, once again, that this organization controlled by the West and the United States, is completely subject to Zionist interests, making the criminal Israeli entity, a state above the universal laws.

The Anti Zionist Party calls on the French authorities to denounce this fact, the “ homeland of human rights “can not be an accomplice of incitement to murder children!

Yahia GouasmiYahia Gouasmi

President of the Anti Zionist Party