11We know that Julien Dray, the SP candidate for the regional elections in France is a fervent Zionist.

We have gotten wind of his contacts with the fascist militia pro Likud Betar, whose brother is the president of the militia.

We also know that he had family in the occupied Palestinian territories, including a brother living in a Jewish settlement.

We know of the discovery of his excessive taste for watches and other luxurious items in 2009, when he was the subject of a preliminary investigation for his breach of trust, which revealed a lavish life style incompatible with his income.

And recently, we have discovered his talents as a comedian when he said, without laughing and with incredible composure, that France should follow the Israeli safety model, claiming that the Zionist entity “never shifted “in this matter!!!!

Hence, for the Socialist candidate Julian Dray, France- the land of democracy and human rights- should receive guidance in its treatment of terrorism, from a colonial state practicing apartheid policy and using the torture, murder of children, collective punishments etc ...

Indeed, Dray dared to declare to Patrick Cohen, who is just as Zionist as him, that: “no left wing man ever feels comfortable when he is faced with a state of emergency. It always leads to excesses”, then he added,

“There is a country that has fought terrorism for 50 years and has not created a state of emergency or emergency laws, which has never shifted (…) In this matter, let us for once be inspired by the State of Israel”.

Dray, the socialist-Zionist, did “not feel very comfortable with the state of emergency on the other hand, the Israeli model is not a problem for him. On the contrary, he makes it an example to follow.

Indeed, it seems that he feels no discomfort with the unlimited administrative detentions, summary executions of unarmed Palestinians, widespread torture of prisoners including children, imprisonments without judgments etc…

For Julien Dray, these criminal actions are therefore hardly misconducts. It should be noted that they affect only the Palestinian population and effectively, the criminal Zionist entity has not had any negative behavior against the Israeli Jews, for whom the country will stay very democratic.

Thus, if we follow the reasoning of Dray, the socialist party candidate, to draw on the Israeli example, France would be able to act against Muslims in the same manner that the criminal Zionist entity does with the Palestinian people…

According to his logic, we would need  to colonize our neighbors, send war planes to bomb the cities and neighborhoods – not to mention schools and hospitals – from which terrorists come, and grant French Muslims second class citizen status.

So Dray proposes to practice discrimination in our country between citizens according to their racial or religious affiliation. This is exactly what the Zionist state of Israel practices among its own citizens who, depending on whether they are Jews or Palestinians, do not all have the same rights nor the same treatment!

The Anti-Zionist Party condemns the shameful and surreal speech of this Socialist presidential candidate who dares to take the criminal Zionist entity, whose very existence is not right, as an example to follow!

The French see it as another example of the infiltration of Zionist agents into the political structure of the country where they engage in hate and push for a civil war.

Their insidious influence is apparent and it has now become necessary to sanction their actions by removing them from the political scene from all forthcoming election ballots.

Yahia GouasmiYahia Gouasmi
President of the Anti-Zionist Party