A Hamas Delegation Visited Egypt.

The vice president of the political bureau of Hamas, Moussa Abou Marzouk.

A Hamas delegation went to Cairo to meet with the country’s authorities in order to begin a new relationship between the movement and Cairo.

At the same time, “Cairo dismissed General Wael al-Safati, former head of 19 groups including the Palestinian group in the Egyptian intelligence services, testifying to the improved relations between the two Parties”, Egyptian sources said while endorsing the initiative.

The daily newspaper al-Arabi al-Jadid writes: “Previously, Wael al-Safati had repeatedly insulted Hamas and had even insulted Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president”.

The paper continued: “Hamas protested at previous meetings against al-Safati’s view of Palestine”.

According to these sources, Cairo welcomed Ismail Haniyeh, while Moussa Abu Marzouk was at the previous visit of the Hamas delegation to Cairo.

since “Egyptian intelligence predicts that Haniyeh will be the future president of the political bureau of Hamas, leaders of the country have agreed to meet him”, continued these sources.

During the meeting between the Hamas delegation and the Egyptian authorities, it was agreed that a Palestinian security delegation would shortly visit Egypt. The delegation would talk with Egypt’s authorities on a few cases, including those sought by the Egyptian intelligence services and the adoption of a common security approach for the border areas between Egypt and the Gaza Strip.

This is the first time that Hamas leaders were able to meet with the military intelligence officials of the Egyptian armed forces. Following this exchange, Egyptian officials decided to reopen the Rafah crossing point in both directions for three consecutive days in order to facilitate the movement of certain travelers, such as those who are sick and foreign passport holders.

The Anti-Zionist Party welcomes this awareness and encourages both sides to work together more often in order to improve Palestinian security, allow them to access medical care, and, above all, restore their dignity.

The wall built by the Israeli Zionist entity which imprisons the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip is beginning to fall and we are delighted.


yahia_gouasmi_05-300x200Yahia Gouasmi

Anti-Zionist Party President