A Candidate of a Talent Show, Subject of Division between the French

Since her appearance on Saturday, February 3 in the flagship TF1 show, Mennel Ibtissem is at the heart of controversy.


Indeed, the young French woman of Syrian origin had auditioned in the talent show wearing a turban and had chosen to sing “Hallelujah”, adding lyrics in Arabic.

From then on, the social networks were inflamed by all kinds of comments.

Internet users have exhumed old tweets that the young singer had published after the attack in Nice, in which she denounced a government plot.

They then published her publications where she supported the Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan, the Muslim NGO Barakacity, and a Muslim activist who was considred controversial for his campaign for the Islamic veil, Hajer Zennou.

Thursday, February 8, the 22-year-old released a video in which she leaves the French TV show and apologizes for her tweets in 2016.


She recalls that it condemns terrorism with great firmness and that it advocates peace, like the majority of young French people.

Mennel Ibtissem, a young woman of Muslim faith and passing on the first French television channel with her turban, had publicly shared her pro-Palestinian views on her networks.

Was this not an ideal recipe to create a new controversy?

How could it be that the channel did not check the candidate’s background before contacting her?

Aren’t we still behind a manipulating media which is always aiming to divide and stigmatize a certain category of the French population?


This is done by inciting subliminal racial hatred, so that this same category of people cannot flourish in its own cultural identity; a culture that should be enrichment for our nation, not a point of contention.

The manipulators of public opinion are anxious to keep this youth who is full of life and strength away from society and would rather see her disintegrated than successful.

At the slightest mediatization of a French person who displays in appearance his/her culture, ideas, or Muslim religion, he/she is systematically criticized even becoming a victim of media lynching, and guilty of all evils.

The stakes for these manipulators are clear. Their aim is to exclude French Muslim youth from social life.

The Anti-Zionist Party condemns all forms of segregation, xenophobia, and racism. The party calls on French youth not to fall into the deception that is being imposed on them and to instead remain firm in their convictions, faith, and unity.