• The Debate is Blazing Around the CFA Franc.

    At a rally against French Africa, the essayist and columnist Stellio Capo Chichi, better known under the patronymic of K ...

  • When Our Leaders Advocate Zionism

    From September 4- 6 2017, our Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Maire, was visiting occupied Palestine accompanied by Mounir ...

  • Maximum Tension Between the United States and North Korea

    The crisis between North Korea and the United States has now reached its climax, and there is fear of a confrontation wh ...

  • The Zionist Entity at Bay Bombs Syria Again

    Not knowing what to do after the successive victories of the Axis of Resistance forces in Syria, the criminal Zionist en ...

  • The “Empire” is Preparing to Intervene in Venezuela

    It appears that the United States is in the middle of preparing for an armed intervention in Venezuela. This is the what ...

  • Al-Awamiyah: Residents Forced to Leave Their Homes

    The citizens of al-Awamiyah are the victims of crimes committed by the Saudi regime; a repression that has been going on ...

  • The Return of French Groups to Iran: France Resists the Empire?

    The French car manufacturer Renault has finalized a co-enterprise agreement with Iranian partners for the eventual produ ...

  • An Anti-Racist Amendment, a Zionist Entourage?

    It is in a rather discreet way that an anti-racist amendment, very likely with its consequences, has just been voted on. ...



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