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Germany Prepares for a Storm

768126-germany-gold-reserves-bundesbankFor nearly two years, we have noticed that the German Central Bank has gradually recovered its gold stocks abroad.
The 3,381 tons of gold which the Bundesbank owns represent the second largest gold reserves in the world after that of the United States. Even the Chinese central bank has half of that amount.

Now, Germany is determined to recover its bullion, which is stored worldwide, as quickly as possible.

Why? That is the question which is perplexing the financial community.
The advantage of this maneuver is to be able to quickly, in case of a major monetary imbalance or a major emergency, convert the country’s foreign bullion in which they are stored into Strategic currency like the dollar or the pound.

Although the German economy is the strongest in the Eurozone, the various economic and financial crises have deeply shaken the spirit in Germany, raising fear of the disappearance of the united currency, the end of the monetary union, or the return of the Deutschmark.

Discontent is growing in Germany; citizens are tired of paying for their European neighbors. Indeed, Berlin has constantly taken out the checkbook to support them.

In the various polls asking the question: “Do you support Germany’s exit from the Euro Zone?” 60% of Germans responded yes.
As for Angela Merkel and German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, they are not hiding the fact that the Eurozone is in an existential crisis and that Germany questions its place in the Union.

Despite the lethargy of the Eurozone market and the sanctions against Russia, Germany recently beat the export records. The country also confirmed that the euro zone had nothing to do with the exports growth.

We must not forget that German products and companies are mainly acclaimed for their quality and craftsmanship. This is what made this country’s reputation. Even in case of currency depreciation, the Germans will continue to export products.

German companies are very well established in emerging countries (which is not the case for the rest of Europe), which offers high growth potential in the future.


If Germany left the Eurozone, short-term exports would fall but certainly not collapse. In order to revive growth momentum, it would be enough to make a competitive reduction of their currency…. The weakness of the Euro has also enabled Germany to achieve export records.

Economically, we can say that Germany can afford to leave the euro zone even if there are risks.

It is in this context that the government in Germany has passed a law encouraging its citizens to store water and food supplies for 10 days.
Namely, if leaving the Eurozone becomes a reality, it would plunge the rest of Europe into an unprecedented economic disaster.
The Anti-Zionist Party follows this situation with interest and is concerned about the many warning signs that don’t bode well for the future of the European people.
 As long as survivalist groups call for building reserves in case of an economic or military catastrophe, we cried paranoia, but now that a serious and powerful country like Germany is also going in the same direction, it is time to become aware of the seriousness of the current situation and risk facing our country and our people: A situation against which the Anti-Zionist Party has always warned.
yahia_gouasmi_05-300x200Yahia Gouasmi
Anti-Zionist Party President

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Transatlantic Treaty, the Illusion of a Refusal!

eu-us-tradeOn the margins of the G20 Hangzhou summit which was held last September 4th, 2016, the President of the European Commission has finally confirmed the good continuity of transatlantic treaty negotiations.

Indeed, despite the rushed objections of some European countries, in this case France and Germany, Jean-Claude Juncker assured that the negotiation with the United States regarding the TAFTA would continue.

It goes without saying that the positions of our Socialist President, Francois Hollande, of the Zionist Republic of France against this free trade agreement were nothing but shenanigans.

It is about time that our French citizens finally realize that the few good speeches of our politicians are nothing but electioneering gimmicks; ones that have no value against power or the dictatorship of lobbies.

“We will never accept questioning the essential principles for our agriculture, culture, or for the reciprocity of access to public procurement.” “At this stage France says ‘No.’ “The president of the Republic said at a meeting of “left-wing” politicians in Paris during the 80th anniversary of the Popular Front.


Remember, this transatlantic treaty is a project between the United States and the European Union. It is also supported by multinational companies that would seek justice from any state that violates the norms of liberalism.

A very large number of consultants are appointed by multinationals and lobbies and are working on developing this project. This agreement is supported by the lobby of the “transatlantic business council” founded in 1995 under the patronage of the European Commission and the U.S. Department of Commerce.

The “transatlantic business council” allows multinationals to coordinate their attacks against policies of general interest that are still standing on both sides of the Atlantic.

Its goal is to operate on two continents under the same rules and without government interference. Indeed, the Transatlantic Partnership Agreement stipulates that the existing laws comply with the free- trade norms that are established by the European and American multinationals.

Once again, The Anti-Zionist Party raises a warning bell regarding this transatlantic treaty which could greatly change our food, health, and would further weaken our country bringing our public freedom into question.

For example, in the agricultural-food sector, they are discussing the elimination of GMO (genetically modified organisms) labeling and traceability standards in the European market which is protected thus far. Another example is the American meat industry who wants to overturn the European ban on chickens disinfected by chlorine.

The offensive is just as vigorous on the merits of privacy. Allowing these negotiations achieve their objective will put an end to France’s autonomous and independent policy in commercial, defense, and even in diplomacy…

yahia_gouasmi_05-300x200Yahia Gouasmi

Anti-Zionist Party President

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Saudis Revolt Against the Despotic Regime of Al-Saud’s.

houthiRecently, in his speech Abdel Malek al-Houthi, head of Ansarallah, spoke for the first time about “The Revolt of the Saudis against the despotic regime of Al-Saud”, political analysts have not taken this speech lightly.

Abdel Malek al-Houthi reaches out to the Saudi people of the “Arabian Peninsula”, particularly those who are living in border areas, “those who see their homes and agricultural land confiscated by the regime of al- Saud before being reduced to ashes”, “those whom the Saudi regime deals with as second-class citizens”.

Al- Houthi offers help to free them from the Saudi regime. In his appeal, he also addressed the Shiite minority in eastern Riyadh who are humiliated, mistreated, despised as if they were citizens of the “tenth degree!”

Through this discourse, analysts perceive the opening of a new phase in the conflict that Riyadh triggered in March 2015. After bravely resisting the Saudi assault, Yemenis are ready to deliver a long unequalled war against the Saudi enemy to free Saudi Arabia from the stranglehold of al- Saud.

These same experts add that Riyadh takes the statement of Al-Houthi seriously. The fears of the royal family are not limited to the Yemeni response operations in border regions, but to “a probable uprising by Saudis themselves”.
A number of Ansarallah assured more than once “Yemeni forces do not target the population of the Arabian Peninsula, especially those living in Jizan, Najran, and Asir because they are oppressed.”

The Anti-Zionist Party encourages the Saudi people to revolt against the Wahhabi regime of al-Saud. It also congratulates the head of Ansarallah, Abdel Malik Al-Houthi, for his courageous stand.
Could this be the start of a turnaround? The al-Saud regime should be concerned about the signs and predictions described in the prophetic narrations being fulfilled in this situation.

yahia_gouasmi_05-300x200Yahia Gouasmi
Anti-Zionist Party President

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The Palestinian Resistance Accuses Saudi Arabia of Serving the Zionist Cause

%d8%a5%d8%b3%d8%b1%d8%a7%d8%a6%d9%8a%d9%84-%d9%88%d8%a7%d9%84%d8%b9%d8%b1%d8%a8The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a historical Palestinian resistance movement against the Zionist occupation, reacted  last Thursday September 8th, to the  outrageous statement of the Wahhabi top cleric of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin al-Sheikh, who claimed a few days ago that “the Iranians were not Muslims.”

Indeed, the resistance organization in a release stated that “the statement of the Saudi Mufti serves the desire of the Zionists to combat the Islamic Republic of Iran given its support to the Palestinian cause in addition to its loyal support to the axis of resistance as well as Syria against the American-Zionist project and the terrorist takfirist groups who are represented by Saudi Wahhabis and their thugs.”

PFLP, the secular movement, cannot be accused of religious sectarianism and thus its interpretation of the Saudi pseudo-scholar’s statement is free from any form of bad faith or partisan influence.

On the contrary, it went a long way to analyze the Wahhabi message and understand it on the basis of the struggle against Zionism. Indeed, the attacks of Al Saud regime against Iran are undoubtedly guided by Tel Aviv who knows the role played by the Islamic Republic in the active support for the Palestinian resistance.

Moreover, as the PFLP had clearly pointed out, the question which arises is: why don’t the Saudis (scholars and leaders) dare to announce to the thousands of Muslim pilgrims that their Islamic responsibility is to raise the slogan of Jihad in Palestine? Rather, they allow themselves to stigmatize and apostatize the Iranians who are almost the only ones to provide concrete assistance to the Palestinian resistance.

The aim of the Saudi religious and political authorities is intended to discredit the Islamic Republic and prevent any solidarity with the Sunni Muslims, and on the other hand, to develop its role as a legitimate representative of Sunnism and the Sunni community. However, the Sunni world seems to be aware and realizes the danger of the Wahhabis as was evidenced by the Islamic conference in Grozny, Chechnya earlier this month which was ignored by our mainstream media

(see our article http://www.partiantisioniste.com/en/news/the-sunni-conference-held-to-fight-present-day-kharijites.html ).

Indeed, this meeting was inaugurated by the current Grand Imam of al-Azhar, Ahmed al-Tayeb, and brought together the highest Sunni religious scholars. It was aimed at defining the identity of “Sunnism and the Sunni community.” The conference managed to bring together some 200 religious scholars, Ulemas, Islamic thinkers, and other religious figures from Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Sudan, and Europe.
The closing statement stated that conference participants agreed that “the Sunni people and the members of the Sunni community are the Ashaarites, Muturidis by belief, and the followers of the four jurisprudential schools of Sunnism, as well as the adherents of pure Sufism in terms of knowledge, morality, and ethics”.

But the main fact of this congress is that: the conference excluded Salafist Wahhabism when defining Sunnism or the scope of the Sunni community! This deviant religious doctrine, which inspired the Takfiri terrorists around the world and tarnished the image of Islam, has been clearly rejected by the world’s highest Sunni authority.

Unfortunately, the Zionised press did not bother to relay this utmost important information. Thus allowing the Western population to believe that Islam is limited to the Wahhabi-takfirist doctrine as well as to the Muslim population who are represented by Saudi scholars.

The Anti-Zionist Party condemns the Saudi Wahhabi Muftis who presume to apostatize Iran when they themselves are placed in the dock of the Muslim community by all Sunni scholars!

We call on Muslims to realize that this ideology has nothing to do with Islam and exists only to serve the Zionist interests.

Yahia Gouasmi

Anti-Zionist Party President

© http://www.partiantisioniste.com/?p=13698

Turkey Will Soon Face the Syrian Army

On August 24, the turle August 24, Turkey launched a military operation in Syria named "Shield of the Euphrates, to officially, both the Kurdish militias and jihadis to EI.quie launch a military operation in Syria named "Shield of the Euphrates, to officially, both the Kurdish militias and jihadis to EI.

On August 24, the turle August 24, Turkey launched a military operation in Syria named “Shield of the Euphrates, to officially, both the Kurdish militias and jihadis to EI.quie launch a military operation in Syria named “Shield of the Euphrates, to officially, both the Kurdish militias and jihadis to EI.

On August 24th, Turkey launched a military operation in Syria called ‘Euphrates Shield’ officially aimed at both the Kurdish militias and IS jihadists.

On Thursday September 2nd, political commentator, Hediye Levent, said through Sputnik Russian media:

 “Turkish forces, which have led the ground operation ‘Euphrates Shield’ in northern Syria since August 24th are likely to face the Syrian army or the Russian military if they expand their area of action.”
Adding that “It’s very likely. In Aleppo, the territories controlled by the Syrian army and those controlled by the jihadist groups are very close. Some regions of Aleppo are within 50 km from the Turkish border.
Therefore, these groups might find themselves face to face. If Turkey intends to stay long in Syria, it will be difficult to avoid a clash with the Syrian army. “

Turkey also suffered its first loss in Syria, and according to Hediye Levent, an expert on the subject, “Ankara’ is in a delicate situation since the start of Operation ‘Euphrates Shield’ in Syria.

 “Turkey has sought to militarily interfere in Syria under various pretexts since 2011. We even discussed the possible involvement of NATO in the operation. Now, Damascus has probably chosen the alternative “If you want to enter Syrian territory, do it”.
This is a very dangerous situation for Turkey. Turkish troops and opposition groups are likely to get bogged down in the “Marsh” infighting advancing into the Syrian territory “, she added.

Levent also stated that the groups which Turkey supports in Syria who claim to belong to the Free Syrian Army, “have nothing to do with the ASL.” “Most of them are jihadists or their supporters. Their combat capability and reliability are questionable. If the Turkish armed forces rely on these groups and decide to move into Syria in order to confront IS terrorists and other extremist organizations, Turkish troops are likely to bear the brunt of the war on Syrian soil. These opposition groups can disperse very quickly “, concluded Ms. Levent.

Note that a truce was applied there a week after discussions and an agreement between Russia and the United States. But the truce is expected to end on Monday at 7 pm according to a high Syrian military source. Indeed, this truce was weakened by the deterioration in relations between Moscow and Washington after deadly strikes, led by United States coalition, against the Syrian army in the Deir Ezzor region. The rebel district of Aleppo in northern Syria became a major issue in the conflict, were also hit by air raids Sunday, a serious snag to the cease-fire.


Thus, despite the truce, shelling is still heard. Recall that on Saturday, the General Staff of the Syrian forces and Russia accused the US-led coalition of bombing the positions of the Syrian army near Deir Ezzor in northeast Syria killing dozens of soldiers. The US military says its coalition ended the bombing against what it thought to be the positions of the Islamic State (IS) after being informed by Russia that vehicles and Syrian military personnel had certainly been affected.

The Anti-Zionist Party is concerned about this war’s escalation and calls upon all leaders to take action in order to stop these clashes which cause the death of many innocent lives and destroy Syria. As for Turkey, it should think twice prior to directly interfering in this deadly conflict as this will likely lead its army going to Syria without returning.
yahia_gouasmi_05-300x200Yahia Gouasmi
Anti-Zionist Party President

© http://www.partiantisioniste.com/?p=13680


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