• Bombings in Paris: a conspiracy against Islam!

    The tragedy of November 13th, in addition to having the nation mourn, reignited the flames of Islamophobia. It equated I ...

  • Shocking declaration about the terrorism policy in France !

    Good morning and welcome for our new program PAS L’INFO. Today, we are going to focus on the attacks in France. To ...

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Bombings in Paris: a conspiracy against Islam!


Bombings in Paris: a conspiracy against Islam!

The tragedy of November 13th, in addition to having the nation mourn, reignited the flames of Islamophobia. It equated Islam and Daesh, further stigmatizing the French Muslim population placing them under the bull’s-eye of terrorists and the one of Islamophobic racists.

The official dialogue seems to refuse this mixture between Muslims and terrorists:

Does it have to do with the fact that we are on the eve of several elections?

Or is it because some officials are aware that France will not be able to handle a civil war against its Muslim population, the largest in Europe?

In the media, the word “Islam” is almost no longer used anymore when making reference to the attacks and the term “Islamic state” now gives way to “Daesh” to avoid confusion with Islam or Muslims.

It now borrows a more winding paths in order to raise the subject (mosques searches, worshipers of Allah etc …) and pathological Islamophobia that we used to see pollute our screens for years, currently appear conspicuously absent …

There is no doubt that what lies behind this willingness is to push Muslims in France toward one of two choices: Two visions of Islam: the First one represented by Daesh the terrorists, regressive and bloody, the second represented by secular Islam, enlightened and liberal, which is promoted  by Zionists media .

Thus, the strategy of the enemies of Islam is clear: to create a front against authentic Islam through the promotion of the secularization of Muslims. To bring them to a religion devoid of its substance and values, one which would be perfectly compatible with an environment entirely dedicated to the worship of money and pleasure.

We reject this choice and opt for authentic Islam, which stands up for justice and defends the oppressed, the Islam which consists of the search for love and truth, the elevation of the human being and not its degradation and lowering to the level of animal.

We desire neither a monstrous religion as preached by Daesh and others, nor an eccentric and materialistic religion compatible with the neo-liberal Western world, but an Islam of spirituality and values which can only enrich any environment in which it is established.

We must keep in mind that these French Muslims are hardly the ones who are guilty of this catastrophic situation in which our country is placed. It is time to open our eyes to the real culprits beyond the simple fanatical perpetrators of Daesh.

Indeed, under the last two presidents, our country has seen its foreign policy make a 180 degree turn from a rather independent and balanced policy to a policy absolutely aligned with American-Zionist strategic interests, which turned the French into victims.

This criminal policy of combating terrorism with one hand while supporting, financing, providing weapons and equipment with the other, was conducted by both the right and the left wings of government which share responsibility for this disaster.

Domestically, why have we allowed this takfirist ideology to develop?

Why only now has the decision been taken to cleanse Salafist mosques?

Why did we let these young French people fall into the hands of blind terrorism?

Yet everyone was well aware that social inequality, the abandonment of the Muslim youth to their fate, lack of opportunity, and a lack of trust to the state is where the ideology of Daesh prospered.

The Anti-Zionist Party calls on the French to stop voting for UMPS, reminding them that the UMPS is primarily responsible for the catastrophic state engulfing our country.

These politicians have pushed young Muslims into the hands of extremists, by marginalizing them in our society through the Islamophobic discourses, racism, social injustice, and inequality they face.

Rejected by their own country, they join the ranks of various fanatical terrorist groups to conduct an insane jihad which satisfies the Zionist interests with the blessings of various governments within our country.

There is no doubt that the French will remember this when it’s time to vote!

Yahia GouasmiYahia Gouasmi

President of the Anti-Zionist Party

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Shocking declaration about the terrorism policy in France !

Shocking declaration about the terrorism policy in France !

Good morning and welcome for our new program PAS L’INFO. Today, we are going to focus on the attacks in France. To answer our questions and to give us his analysis we have invited Mr. Gouasmi, the President of the Anti Zionist Party. Mr. Gouasmi, good morning.


Here is the full transcript of the interview:


After these attacks, how do you see France’ s future ? Are we at war as the French president has said ?


Good morning. the future seems dark. The protagonists, those who decided to use violence such as DAESH, and those who led us to this chaos, our politicians, make our country live in sadness because of their political irresponsibility. We tried many times to alert the public of the consequences of the decisions made by some of our politicians not only those of the Left, but ever since president Sarkozy. The situation we live in today is the result of Sarkozy’s reign.


All these successive errors brought us to an unbearable situation for the French. They lost all their reference points. They have undergone the most terrible event. A crime against the youth, against innocents and against life. They rightly have the impression that the sky has fallen. Of course, the first culprit is DAESH, but so are our politicians. The management of our country ever since the right wing was in power and until today with the Left wing is irresponsible. The alliances which they create are only based on economic gains and orientations. They form an alliance with Saudi Arabia and with Qatar for economical reasons. But both of these countries fund terrorism. If this is a matter of economy, as it seems to be.


What about the broken contracts with Russia?


Supposedly broken because of the Ukraine. So, what about Saudi Arabia and the agression against Yemen with logistical support ? No sanction is taken for this war, led against a people who chose a different path.



Why do our politicians make such mistakes? Are there things we ignore? Secret negotiations or bribes ? Are they obliged to follow this way?


We used to say that our young people should be prevented from leaving otherwise there would be a terrible kickback and attacks in our country. We used to warn people that soon we would be strongly hit by suicide bombers (kamikaze) just like a mad dog which bites its master. And so speaking today with so much blood having been shed is difficult and makes me angry. I don’t know how to express myself and not shock people. When we used to say that the government was preparing a Patriot Act, We were not taken seriously. Things were created in order to develop Islamophoebia and to let these attacks occur. Such unconsciousness is not possible ! It is unthinkable that they do not know that we are being held hostage by dark forces which only understand violence and crimes against innocent people. They seem to be Muslims but they are not. They are only pretending to be Muslims but they have nothing to do with Islam. Islam is Salam, is Peace. It is when we are together and we feel in peace. When we don’t feel suspicious and we don’t conflate. These dark forces created this bad atmosphere for us. I don’t know how they will remain patient. All that is happening to us today must be a lesson for us. For example, the politicians didn’t succeed in providing us security. On the contrary. Since Sarkozy until now, it has gotten worse! What about tomorrow? Which type of terrorism will touch our country and our young people?


Why in France, knowing that the coalition is built on the United States, England, and..? Why were those countries not targeted as France was?


We shouldn’t forget Russia and Lebanon which have also been hit by terrorism. I remember last week, one day before the French attacks, it happened in Beirut. All the journalists, without exception, who are dependent on their manipulated editorial staff and who seek to manipulate people said that DAESH hit Lebanon in order to hit Hezbollah which supports Bashar al-Assad’s regime. Everybody was only talking about that. Instead of reporting victims or expressing condolences to the families,… It’s the same thing for Russia. Are you, senseless journalists who pollute the television studios saying that France supports Bashar Al Assad today?


Don’t you understand who you are dealing with? Today, who is the enemy? Many things are implied. Many things are said. We are trying to react with many decrees and many votes for the security of our nation.It is not the solution! The solution is for the politicians, to admit their faults. Yesterday they were honouring al-Nosra. A French foreign affairs minister, to not say “Fabius” was praising al-Nosra, al-Qaeda and DAESH.


Are you crazy? French politicians said that they (al-Nosra, al-Qaeda,…) were doing good work. Yes, they were saying that, creating crimes against the Syrian people. Today, the boomerang comes back to them. Everything that deals with Syria is being reviewed again and in more depth, in order not to make the same mistakes that were done in the recent past. They want to designate the enemy of the inhumane crimes committed here and elsewhere and to neutralize the enemy. When Hezbollah, Iran and Russia were saying that the Taqfiris should be neutralized, our French government were saying the opposite. Today, these people who are responsible for the crimes committed here, must be punished. They must be dragged into court. But it will not be possible. Thus, I have to appeal to all the Muslims and to all the French. To the French people, don’t vote for the UMPS (UMP or the Socialist Party)! This would be our answer. Vote for whomever you want. I’m not telling you to vote in favor of one candidate or the other. You are old enough to decide on your own. If you still vote for the UMPS, the country will be running towards its ruin. In terms of poverty, economics and security. They are preparing us for a civil war. So, I am alerting the French public opinion. It is true that the enemy is DAESH. I can assure you that the enemies also include the candidates for Presidency, those pretending to be prime ministers, as well as the foreign affairs ministers. Not only the socialists, but since the Presidency of Sarkozy until today. All of the aforementioned people don’t deserve the French people.


French people! A Muslim is telling you: first of all, Islam is not the enemy. Some mentally ill people have been manipulated. They thought they were defending Islam and that an injustice has to be military solved. We refuse that idea! We are finding ourselves under fire. We are against DAESH and against those who govern us, using perpetrated lies.


How do we define ourselves?


As the president of the Anti-Zionist Party, I say and repeat, the enemy is not Islam! The enemy is Zionism. Since the right wing government [Sarkozy, ed] took office up until the current government, they are the ones who put business leaders who form alliances which serve economic purposes not the interest of France, at the head of our government. France was great during the time of General de Gaulle. We must pray for a man like him can take back the reins of our country. A man who can take the country out of the darkness in which the UMPS parties have plunged it and who will stop the blood shed due to the current policies.


The media introduced the attacks as a cop show. Do you think it is to maintain a climate of fear? To create confusion and increase Islamophobia?


I think the French people understand the problem of the Muslim community: The Takfiris are allowed to preach hatred against anyone who is not like them. These people think that they are the chosen people.


Some are called DAESH but have nothing to do with Islam, the others are called Zionists but have nothing to do with Judaism. Both think they are the chosen people, allowing themselves to kill others like livestock. The current situation has no precedent in Europe. We must take responsibility and act for national unity, for the interests of the French people, and for the safety of the French people. Also, we must disseminate accurate information that freely explains the French geostrategic plan in the Middle East to the French people. Bachar al-Assad was the enemy #1, why? Who are those that are working inside to manipulate us? Who are those who are muzzling the French people with a “Patriot Act” in the name of democracy?


Do you have a message for the Muslims of France?


Keep your dignity, believe in your faith, believe in the nobility and in the values that you defend. Tell us who you are, do not let the Takfiris preach false Islam for you. Take responsibility. We, at Centre-Zahra in France, are taking responsability. The Centre-Zahra is a religious center, we are the only ones to fight Takfirism, DAESH. You cannot imagine how much Shiite blood was shed by this horde of savages! You cannot imagine how much the Shiites have suffered: in Iraq, in Lebanon, in Syria,…


Today, innocent French people, of all religions, are targeted. If Centre-Zahra France is targeted tomorrow, what will the Interior Ministry do? When we ask him for security, he replies that we do not fall within the framework of the law. Secularism decrees that every place of worship should be protected, does it not? Secularism applies only for Jews, Christians, and some Muslim centers, which are protected because they follow the policies of those who lead us to chaos.


Do you have a message about future for the French people?


I cannot say anymore. The future of this country is in their hands. Give the UMPS a big loss at the next elections. Give them the loss they deserve. And then, let’s work together to fire these political renegades, these political mafias. Let’s stop giving them our children’s destinies.


At the Bataclan, the blood hasn’t dried yet. The French people shouldn’t have a short memory.


Let’s move on to international events now. Do you think there will be repercussions soon? Could an attack on France happen in the coming days and modify the geopolitical strategy of this part of the world?


At the moment, our politicians, thedefense policy and the policy advocated by the current power are directed by Israel. All they will do is… I am going to say something crazy: Israel will dictate the goals to be achieved in Damascus. Don’t touch al-Nosra ! Don’t touch this or that terrorist organization ! Don’t touch DAESH ! And today, they make us believe that they have a geopolitical strategy while in fact they are just workmen at the service of their big boss : the US-Israel.


The French people have to be aware of this: this has nothing to do with France, the true France, the one we used to know, when we were young. It is completely different. This country is getting worse and worse. When we hear Valls saying that factories have to work here, that it’s not a problem to ally with the devil, as long as he pays for our weapons. Is this a true leader?


– Isn’t it indecent, honestly, to be glad to sign commercial contracts with Saudi Arabia? A country that executed how many people? 134 since the beginning of the year; a country that is bombing civil populations, men, women, and children in Yemen? (maybe with our weapons) A country that sentenced a 21 year old man to be beheaded simply because he was against the regime. Honestly?


– Is it indecent to fight for our economy? For our indusries, our jobs? Therefore, it is not only indecent to sign contracts with Saudi Arabia, but it is also indecent to sign contracts with Egypt for similar reasons. My job is to to make sure that the industries, the French companies, and the economy of our country is powerful, not only in France, but on an international level as well. Otherwise, we share some same strategic views with Saudi Arabia, especially in regards to Syria.This is the war apology, the massacre apology.


This is incredible ! And the French people are still applauding a personality like this. Fabius said that al-Nosra did a good job in Syria, would he say that al-Nosra did a good job at the Bataclan ? It was irresponsible ! I don’t know where they get their information !


So, don’t you think there could be conflicts in the Middle East, between Russia who is still at the side of the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, and France who may also go in order to help Israël, supposedly fight DAESH?


Don’t you think it may cause a conflict between Russia and France that could bring new misfortune to our country ? I would prefer say that if there are some French senior officials, they must first provide security to the French people. And they must think about the French people who have been betrayed ! I am not saying that policemen are not doing their job, I am saying that they are prevented from doing it.


Yes, because the intelligence services should have been aware of what happened, and should have known about it in advance.


Unfortunately they are maybe prevented from doing their job…


This is what you mean?

Yes, it is.


Mr. Gouasmi, do you have something else to say?


I offer my condolences and my compassion to those who are still in the hospitals, to the families, and to the nation. We all love this country, especially when it can pick itself up again. We love it when it doesn’t fall into the trap of division and when it keeps on showing brotherhood and unity. We must all face this curse together. This is my message.


Thank you Mr. Gouasmi for answering our questions. Thank you all, and see you on Sunday for PAS L’Info program.

Don’t forget Spread the news !


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An Attack on a Russian plane: Turkey displays its support for Daesh

An Attack on a Russian plane: Turkey displays its support for Daesh

An Attack on a Russian plane: Turkey displays its support for Daesh

A Russian Sukhoi Su-24 bomber which was engaging in the operation against Syria crashed on Tuesday, November 24th in Syrian territories 4 km from the Turkish border after being shot down, in Syrian airspace, by an air-to-air missile fired by a Turkish F-16 fighter.


Turkey says that the Russian plane violated its airspace. This claim has been denied by the Russian Ministry of defense who said that the plane was in Syrian airspace one kilometer from the Turkish border.


Russian President Vladimir Putin reacted angrily, declaring that his country would not tolerate such crimes happening ever again and that this event was a “stab in the back” by Turkey.

According to preliminary information announced by the Russian General-Major, one of the Russian bomber pilots was slaughtered by members of Daesh after he ejected from his plane and used his parachute to get to safety.


Turkey is now trying to calm things down, as shown in the statement given by its Minister for European Affairs, Volkan Bozkir, in which he ensures that despite the incident, Ankara will make every effort to improve relations with Moscow.


In Russia, anger rumbles, the parliament proposed a temporary suspend of air traffic between the two countries while the foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, called on Russian citizens to refrain from traveling to Turkey and canceled his work visit to Turkey which was  scheduled for next Wednesday.


This event reveals Ankara’s support for terrorist groups operating in Syria and its support for Daesh in particular, from whom it enjoys the large oil traffic, as stressed by Putin.

By destroying a Russian plane that was fighting against IS, Turkey has clearly chosen the terrorists’ side and shown its hostility to the Russian-Syrian alliance.


The Anti-Zionist Party strongly condemns the Turkish attack against the Russian bomber and warns against the renewal of this kind of action which will certainly cause, a less-restrained reaction from Moscow in the future.

 Turkey is a member of NATO. This kind of provocation can quickly escalate into a much wider conflict, and it is imperative to avoid playing with fire.

At a time when our nation is suffering from jihadist terrorism, it is imperative that our leaders stop their collaborations with nations such as Turkey, which no longer hides its support for Daesh.

Yahia GouasmiYahia Gouasmi

president of the Anti-Zionist Party

© http://www.partiantisioniste.com/?p=10295


2512734lpw-2512735-article-jpg_3160387_660x281-300x128After the emotions which gripped the country following the terrible attacks which took place last Friday, it is time to ask the right questions about who is responsible and the causes for this tragedy.

Why was France targeted?

What is the responsibility of our government?

Who encouraged and supported the terrorist groups that attack us today?

Only by attempting to objectively answer these questions, can we learn from this tragedy and find ways to fight against the violence that plagues our nation.

The claim made by DAESH for these attacks shows that the attacks are linked to the involvement our country has in and the role it plays in the war that has ravaged Syria for nearly 5 years.

Indeed, early in the war against the Syrian people, our government called for the fall of the President Bashar Al Assad, even going as far as calling for his physical elimination: we remember the words of our foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, who said that “Assad does not deserve to be on Earth” or the words of our president, calling for his “elimination”.

At the time, the French jihadists used to fight in Syria with the silent blessing of our government that has yet to raise the issue of their return to France until, having understood the danger, France decided to change its strategy by bombing the positions of Daesh, causing a bloody reaction from the terrorist organization.

France has decided to blindly follow the Eastern policy of the US-Zionists and their Arab and Turkish allies, engaging in this anti- Bashar crusade even though our own country has no interest, neither economic nor political, to it. We saw that the destruction of Syria profited the Israelis and the Americans, and we are now paying the price of this blind alignment with the Zionist interests.

The Islamic State (Daesh) and FSA (Free Syrian Army) are composed of “Islamic” groups that use terrorist attacks and mass killings to conduct the civil war in Syria which has killed nearly 200,000 people and created millions of refugees.

Today it turns out that the development of these jihadist forces is the direct consequence of the arming, training and funding by the CIA, Mossad, France and the Gulf monarchies, for the overthrow of Assad. FSA, which was officially armed by president Hollande who called it a democratic army, saw large sections of its militia join the Al-Nosra Front, an affiliate of al-Qaeda, that our foreign minister welcomed as “doing good work” in Syria!!!

Yet within the country, voices have always been raised against this support for terrorist groups, such as that of the MP Claude Goasguen who cannot be accused of plotting,  who recently stated that France was supporting Al Qaeda in Syria … Unfortunately our media is hardly fit to relay these sensible words.

Thus, the French Government has provided unwavering support to a number of active terrorist groups in Syria, hoping to be able to overthrow the legal government of Bashar Al-Assad, and today France receives a heavy blow from these same terrorist groups.

It is time to clearly explain to the French that these jihadist networks that are mortal enemies of people around the world are also the forces illegally used by Western states and their allies in the Persian Gulf for the satisfaction of their deep interests. Our country bears a serious responsibility for the use and manipulation of jihadist forces, like local agents, to destabilize Syria. Today, the French people pay the consequences as predicted by presidents Assad and Putin, who have repeatedly explained that the terrorism ravaging Syria will inevitably reach France and Europe.

The Russian military intervention has changed the situation and has proven that it is possible to eradicate the jihadist groups if they have a political will; Moscow has managed to do in one month what the international coalition led by the United States could not achieve in more than a year.

It also highlighted the shady game of France who continues to give priority to the call for the end of the Syrian regime, and to retreat in an irresponsible situation, striking Daesh while preserving other jihadist groups.

So while the White House and the Kremlin are negotiating how to get rid of the jihadists, France today is the leading power which calls for the overthrow of the Syrian regime, publicly supported by Turkey and Saudi Arabia, and, covertly, by Israel. How can this incomprehensible position be explained by anything other than it aligning to the interests of Tel Aviv?

It is important to understand that the terrorist attacks against France will not cease without the eradication of jihadist groups in Syria. To this end, cooperation with Russia is essential. And rather than advocating sending ground troops, as currently understood which further exacerbates the terrorist threat to our country, our army should provide air support to the troops of the Syrian army responsible for fighting terrorists on the ground.

In light of these elements, the Anti-Zionist Party calls on our government to reconsider its foreign policy and review its strategic alliances in the fight against terrorism by reconsidering the Russian as well as other proposals for peace in the Middle East.

Considering the support of countries with terrorist movements either by creating them (the terrorist movements) for geostrategic purposes, funding them, or complying with them, France must absolutely review its relations with the US, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Turkey.

The support of our government to jihadist groups abroad and the relations of France with their main state sponsors are serious, dangerous, and unacceptable!

This finding should raise the general mobilization of all French people and we need to pressure our government to stop this irresponsible policy, for which we are now paying a heavy price.


Yahia GouasmiYahia Gouasmi

President of the Anti-Zionist Party

© http://www.partiantisioniste.com/?p=10280

The world’s future is being played in Damascus !

The Russian military intervention in Syria has significantly reshuffled the cards in the Middle Eastern geopolitical situation and marked the return of the Russian superpower on the international stage, 25 years after the fall of the USSR.

It is obvious that what is currently occuring has nothing to do with the Western support for democratization of the country in favor of the Syrian people, or for the Russians, nor with the maintenance of the economic and military interests for the regime of Bashar al-Assad, instead it is concerning a new geopolitical configuration of the world.

Indeed, it is a world order that seeks to impose the United States and its proxy to another world, in which Russia calls for more participation in the management of international affairs which they were excluded from decades ago. It is in this context that we must understand the words of President Vladimir Putin when he said

“Damascus is the key to a new era.”

From the beginning of the Syrian crisis, Russia, backed by China and Iran, decided to foil all attempts to change the regime because they were convinced that if the plan of the Westerners succeeded, their role will be secondary and their territorial integrity will be threatened.

Moscow plays a big part in this and failure is not an option for many reasons.

From an economic point of view, a Western victory ensures the control of energy resources across the Middle East (initially, except those from Iran) and it would make it so that Europe no longer depends exclusively on Russian gas. Indeed, Qatar would be able to transport its gas to Europe through their new friend Syria, which would cause the continent to reject Russian gas thereby depriving Moscow of considerable financial gain. This would end Russia’s ambitious economic and military development program and bury its dreams of returning its status as a world power.

From a security point of view, if Damascus were to fall in western hands, this would cause a serious threat to Russia, which would be destabilized by the return of Syrian jihadi mercenaries in their home region of North Caucasus (Dagestan and Chechnya) with the intention of establishing an independent Islamic republic.

This would also encourage Turkey, which still dreams of an empire that would extend to Central Asia, including the Turkish territories and it would also not hesitate to destabilize Moscow through various separatist movements.

Thus, the fall of Damascus would imply a return to the policy of the encirclement of Russia followed by its destabilization which would seriously jeopardize the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation.

Finally, the strategic plan if the capital fell, in addition to the humiliation it would induce, Russia would permanently lose its dream to regain its great power status in the world.

The fall of Syria, would definitely be followed by an attack on Iran, the Near East would become an area exclusively for US-Zionist interests, Russia would find itself facing a hostile area stretching from France to China and would finally be dislodged from the Greater Middle East region.

Thus, Moscow, is working for the creation of a Eurasian alliance with China and Iran, to counter the American superpower, it cannot afford to see Damascus incorporated into the American-Zionist axis, which would firmly strengthen the axis and would seriously endanger the very existence of the current Russian Federation.

However, a victory of the Government of Bashar al Assad would probably constitute the end of US ambitions in terms of remodeling the region and in doing so would jeopardize the Zionist dream of a new world order with Jerusalem as its capital.

Yahia GouasmiYahia Gouasmi

President of Anti-Zionist Party


© http://www.partiantisioniste.com/?p=10271


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