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Towards a New War in Gaza?

0f3dc7d7-f401-4f60-971b-8a1fd83c96b8At a time when most Arab and Muslim countries are pledging allegiance to the Zionist entity, it is multiplying its aggression against the Palestinian people.
Indeed, Sunday night and Monday morning the Israeli occupation army launched dozens of air raids on the Gaza Strip and shelled the territory with heavy artillery, causing considerable damage to critical infrastructure.

These attacks are the most violent since the “protective edge” operation carried out by the Zionist army in 2014. An operation which injured and took the lives of thousands of Palestinians, including many women and children.

These repeated attacks do not bode well, and thus, a new war appears to be more than likely.
The silence of the international community who is slow, as it was in 2014, in condemning this new aggression, is a clear sign: a green light for the Zionist entity, allowing it to continue to expand its barbarity until it triggers a new war.

Moreover, these crimes are being committed with the latest stealth fighter aircrafts, the “F35”; pure technological gems and the jewels of the US arms industry which have been freshly offered to the Zionist entity.
The destructive fire power of the aircraft which is able to carry up to 8200 kg of weapons, has been successfully tested on the ground and once again it is the Palestinian people who suffer.

The Anti-Zionist Party strongly condemns these new attacks against the Palestinian people and reminds the international authorities of their responsibility in the renewed violence which will, more than likely, result in escalation.
In addition, we remind the criminal Zionist entity that despite all of its destructive power, it can’t overcome the spirit of the resistance as has already been shown by history. Instead, this will be the trap which will make the entity commit its biggest mistake.

yahia_gouasmi_05-300x200Yahia Gouasmi
Anti-Zionist Party President

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Yemen: Saudi Arabia Towards a Total Defeat

huge demonstration in Sanaa against the US-Saudi offensive

huge demonstration in Sanaa against the US-Saudi offensive

After a large number of Yemeni people descended to the streets Sanaa, Yemen’s capital, last Saturday, it seems likely that the situation in Yemen is now taking a new turn.

Indeed, the event that brought together more than a million people is the largest the country has known. It gives popular legitimacy to the new political Supreme Council, to which participants gave their support, while signifying to the world their commitment to the “emancipation of the Saudi guardianship”.
The Political Council was established after the failure of past inter-Yemeni negotiations, under UN supervision in Kuwait, due to the lack of compromise between the conflicting parties.

This High Supreme Council is comprised of ten members, half representing AnsarAllah while the other half represents the General People’s Congress (CGP). Former President, Ali Abdullah Salah, came to seal a deal between the two main forces opposed to the Saudi aggression.

This will become the first political authority in the country and will be the sole representative of the Yemeni forces in future who will come to peace talks in order to resolve the crisis.
After the approval of the Yemeni parliament and the support of civil society, it is the Yemeni people on the streets’ turn to express their support for this council. As its creation will enable national forces to strengthen the internal front in their struggle against the Saudi coalition and its supporters during critical moments of murderous aggressions which were started on March 26th 2015 by the Zionist Wahhabi kingdom against their Yemeni neighbor.

The incontestable legitimacy of this new political authority will end “the legitimacy” of President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi who has been used as a political card by Saudi Arabia and its allies to strengthen the March 26th, 2015 invasion operation. He was also used to help support civilian massacre using prohibited weapons, cause starvation due to a total blockade, and destroy the country’s infrastructure. We remember the Saudi pseudo-army’s last “exploit”, bombing a ”Doctors Without Borders” hospital on August 15th killing 19 and wounding 24. This raised an outcry from the international community.

In the field of military operations, the balance of power is far from being in favor of Riyadh which is moving towards a humiliating defeat despite the effects of fictitious victory announcements.

The people’s committee and the army remained loyal to Ali Abdullah Salah which was held in check by the Saudi coalition and supported by the US, the Zionist entity, as well as other Western countries.
Indeed, despite the intensification of aerial and ground offensives following negotiation failures, the Saudi-Zionist coalition was unable to take control of Sanaa, Taiz, or Maarib.

For their part, the Yemeni people provided fierce opposition and resistance forces crossed into the Saudi territory at various locations, which could provide a decisive turn to this war; a stinging Saudi defeat.

This greatly worries Western sponsors who seem to feel the winds of change. Thus, a meeting is scheduled in Jeddah at the end of the month between the Americans, the Gulf monarchies, and the special UN envoy in Yemen, Ismail Ould Cheikh, in order to study the situation.

Western confidence in the Saudi puppet seems to have reached its limits and after the demonstration in Sanaa, the US Navy spokesman in Bahrain said the United States had decided to restrict the number of US military advisors in Saudi Arabia.

Simultaneously, Pentagon spokesman, Adam Stump, stated Saturday in a press release that Washington’s support to the coalition commanded by Riyadh was not “a blank check”.

The Anti-Zionist Party once again condemns the deadly attack of the Wahhabi -Zionist kingdom against the Yemeni people and urges our government to do the same.
The party welcomes the unity of the people and their fierce resistance which is about to break the Saudi coalition forces in service of Zionism. The party has continued to humiliate the coalition throughout this conflict, despite the limited means available.
Despite nearly a year and a half of war, which has been fought with enormous resources, the assassin’s coalition has not managed to break the people of Yemen; a sign of victory in itself.
Once again, the Zionist project will break facing the determination, strength, and spirit of sacrifice of the resistance.

yahia_gouasmi_05-300x200Yahia Gouasmi
Anti-Zionist Party President

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Towards a Moscow-Ankara axis?

reconciliationOn August 9th, Russian President Vladimir Putin received his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan in St. Petersburg’s Constantine Palace. This was Erdogan’s first foreign visit since the July 15th failed coup.

The latter offered “his friend” Vladimir a series of measures concerning the bilateral relations between the two countries. Relations which were strongly undermined after last November’s incident in which Turkey shot down a Russian fighter plane in the Syrian sky. The incident, which resulted in the death of a Russian pilot, revealed the profound differences between the two countries with regard to the Syrian crisis.

Indeed, while Moscow supported Damascus militarily, Ankara aligned itself with the West demanding the removal of President Assad and supporting terrorist groups in the country.

Today, 9 months after the crisis, the matter is forgotten and it is with a thinly veiled satisfaction that the “Tsar” of Moscow receives the “Sultan” of Istanbul who arrives in Russia with a request. A scene full of irony as we remember the arrogant attitude of Erdogan towards his Russian counterpart a few months earlier.

Meanwhile, a lot of water has gone under the bridges of Bosporus and the Turkish President, who nearly lost his life and power, is no longer sacred on the international level.

Erdogan was committed to making an apology at the end of June to President Putin for three main reasons:

The first is economic. Indeed, the sanctions imposed by Moscow against Ankara are beginning to have a serious impact on the Turkish economy.

The embargo on the import of agricultural products, cancelation of charter flights between the two countries, calling on Russian tourists to boycott Turkey as a tourist destination, administrative complications for Turkish companies based in Russia, and many retaliatory measures resulting in the collapse of trade between the two countries is affecting an already disturbed Turkish economy.

The second reason for this rapprochement is geopolitical. While Ankara is closely involved in the Syrian conflict including its logistical support to various jihadist groups, it obviously fears being the scapegoat in the US-Russian crisis which could lead to the establishment of a Kurdish entity on Turkey’s southern side threatening Turkey.

The last reason for this new start between Moscow and Ankara is the attitude of Putin who was one of the first world leaders to provide support to Erdogan during the abortive July coup. For the leaders of Western countries, this move seems remarkably out of line; allying with Turkey: a NATO member.

Indeed, Turkey was very disappointed by the reactions of its US and NATO friends who condemned the failed coup and criticized the way in which President Erdogan suppressed the perpetrators of the coup and their allies along with the purges that followed. All of this resulted in increasing the Sultan of Istanbul’s distrust in the west who supposedly give lessons in democracy. This distrust is now accompanied with strong anti-Americanism.

Indeed, Washington hosts Fethullah Gulen: the main defendant of the coup and refuses to deliver him to the Turkish authorities. This makes Ankara clearly see the involvement of the American services in the failed July coup. The Turkish authorities have more or less made this well-known on many official channels.

The Atlantics’ bickering is aimed at Moscow. They are trying to keep Russia under great tension by NATO’s non- stop provocation through amassing weapons and troops on Russia’s borders.

Are we witnessing a redistribution of cards? Will Erdogan’s disappointment push him to ally with Russia in a much more formal way?

Despite the certainties of some experts who believe such an alliance is unimaginable, the possibility of it happening is far from being neglected by Western officials. This is evidenced by the heavily tinted reactions from the American-Zionist countries, starting with Israel.

Indeed, the criminal entity, which announced a normalization with Turkey a few days before the coup, expressed its concern over a potential “new agreement” in the Middle East which included Moscow, Tehran, Ankara, Baghdad, Damascus and Hezbollah! A nightmare for the Zionist entity and its American big brother who is seriously considering withdrawing its nuclear weapons stored in Turkey.

Meanwhile, from an economic point of view, business is picking up. Moscow has ended the sanctions against Ankara and major joint projects are launched (the TurkStream gas pipeline and the Akkuyu nuclear plant)

From the Syrian crisis side, the trend is reconciliation. Two days after Putin and Erdogan’s meeting, Turkey accepted representatives from Assad’s government in the negotiations on the future of Syria and called upon Russia for a joint strike against ISIS. At the same time, the Turkish President stated in “the world” newspaper column that no solution is possible in Syria without the stepping down of President Assad.

Today, there appears to be a dramatic game of “Poker”. Even when the anti-Western attitude of Erdogan appears to be a bluff, it is clear that he has been strongly scalded by recent events which shook his country and that his confidence in the Western allies has been severely shaken.

The Anti-Zionist Party reiterates its wish to see Turkey joining Moscow in its support for the resistance axis and thus thwarting the Zionist project in the Middle East.

In alliance with Russia and the “Shiite” Iran, the “Sunni” Turkey could help accelerate the resolution of the Syrian crisis while at the same time destroy the Zionist plan for a frontal war between Shiites and Sunnis which is aimed at destroying the Muslim world.

yahia_gouasmi_05-300x200Yahia Gouasmi

Anti-Zionist Party President

© http://www.partiantisioniste.com/?p=13415


turquie.attaque-la-bombe-contre-un-poste-de-policeA bomb attack causing at least 50 deaths and nearly 100 injuries occurred at a wedding last night in Gaziantep; a city located in south-eastern Turkey near the Syrian border.

The Turkish authorities believe that ISIS was probably involved in this despicable crime which was perpetrated by a suicide bomber.

It should be noted that the area affected by the explosion has a large Kurdish population, reinforcing speculation on a jihadist attack. As in neighboring Syria, the Kurdish militia clashes with members of ISIS.

Gaziantep has become the crossing point of many Syrian refugees fleeing the war in their country which has lasted for more than five and a half years. It houses refugees and a significant number of opposition jihadist activists.

The explosion in Gaziantep comes as Prime Minister Binali Yildirim announced that same morning that Turkey wanted to play a “more active” role in resolving the crisis in Syria to “stop the bloodshed.”

“Whether we like it or not, Assad is one of the players of the war in this country and it is possible to talk to him about the transition,” said Yildirim, expressing the new leadership taken by the Turkish diplomacy in the Syrian conflict.

The Anti-Zionist Party strongly condemns these despicable acts that touch innocents once again. We offer our sincere condolences to the families of the victims and to all the Turkish people; we call for unity against the provocation and division attempts.

yahia_gouasmi_05-300x200Yahia Gouasmi

Anti-Zionist Party President

© http://www.partiantisioniste.com/?p=13399


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