If the information brought forth by the Lebanese daily newspaper “Ad-Diyar”, is true, it could change the fa ...

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Sukhoi SU-30SM

Sukhoi SU-30SM

If the information brought forth by the Lebanese daily newspaper “Ad-Diyar”, is true, it could change the face of the Middle East.

According to this newspaper, the head of Russian diplomacy,

Sergei Lavrov offered the Lebanese government his assistance in protecting their airspace of cedar countries particularly “implement the 1701 resolution banning flights over Lebanon by warplanes of the Zionist regime.”

The Russian diplomat said that this action would not be done at the request of the Lebanese government but in the framework of a UN resolution.

The Lebanese airspace is considered the preserve of the Zionist entity, whose aircrafts constantly fly over the territory, violating all international rules in the area.

A Zionist TV channel has also relayed this information to Moscow advising against any initiative in this direction, but Russia certainly will not be frightened by veiled threats of the Zionist entity, on the contrary. Another undisclosed proof of this information is by Western media which reported a duel between Air SU-30 Russian Sukhoi SM and Israeli F-15 in the Syrian sky on the nights of October 1st and 2nd.

Indeed, six Sukhoi SU-30 Russian SM allegedly departed the Syrian air base Hmimim towards Cyprus before intercepting the position of four Israeli F-15 fighters who, surprised by this unexpected situation quickly turned back to the south by flying at high speeds in Lebanon. At 23:13 local time, the Lebanese army officially announced that four “enemy aircrafts” (Israeli) had crossed its airspace.

This clash between Russian and Israeli warplanes struck a stupor to the command given by the Israeli air force pushing the Zionist entity to protest to Moscow demandeding explanations about the presence of Israeli warplanes in the Syrian airspace.

This incident indicates that Syrian airspace is now under the protection of the Russian air force, causing the gritting of teeth in Washington and Tel Aviv who understand that Moscow’s intervention in the Middle East significantly changes the geopolitical situation and puts an end to the American-Zionist domination in the region.

yahia_gouasmi_05-300x200Yahia Gouasmi

President of Anti-Zionist Party

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Saudi Arabia: human rights and crimes of war !

Avec-l’Arabie-Saoudite-les-droits-de-l’homme-sont-entre-de-bonnes-mains-300x244The UN wants an investigation against Saudi crimes in Yemen.

The United Nations’ High Commissioner for Human Rights said in a statement that 151 civilians, including 26 children and 10 women were killed in Yemen between the 11th and 24th of September.

The statement added that since the beginning of the Saudi attack against Yemen on March 26, more than 2355 people were killed and 4862 injured. Many children and women were among the victims. “Two thirds of the victims were killed in air raids against civilian residential areas,” the statement said. The UN also condemned an attack on a wedding ceremony in the province of Taiz, where 130 civilians were killed. This is the bloodiest attack in Yemen, the statement said.

It is not surprising that the strikes of the Arab coalition led by Riyadh against houthites and the rebels has had a large number of civilian casualties.

“Saudi Arabia is trying to prevent any international and independent investigation into the combat”

Philippe Dam of Human Rights Watch.

Meanwhile the Saudi diplomacy group is to preselect the UN investigators. They ensure the implementation of human rights outside the territory of Saudia Arabia, because in their kingdom, they are preparing to execute a young Shiite: Ali Mohammed al-Nimr. Since last May, they have executed five Yemeni nationals who were beheaded and hung on cranes in the city of Jizan in the far south-west corner of Saudi Arabia, near the Yemeni border.  According to our observer, this macabre scene is supposed to terrorize criminals and illegal immigrants.

According to Amnesty International, at least 90 executions took place since the beginning of the year in Saudi Arabia. These figures could be underestimated, with the mere fact that secret executions have been reported in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Anti-Zionist Party condemns the war crimes committed by the coalition led by Saudi Arabia in Yemen that should be brought to justice.

We also condemn all arbitrary executions and barbaric actions in Saudi Arabia needless to add that these judgments and executions are contrary to the International Convention of the Human Rights that Saudi Arabia is supposed to respect according to its role as a member on the board of Human Rights….


yahia_gouasmi_05-300x200Yahia Gouasmi

President of Party-Anti Zionist

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Deployment of new US nuclear bombs in Europe!

por-aos-al-qaeda-y-otros-grupos-criminales-han-buscado-conseguir-material-y-ar-1728x800_c-300x139The German TV channel ZDF announced last week that the US is preparing to deploy new tactical nuclear bombs on B61-12 Büchel Air Base in Rhineland-Palatinate, the latter being much more accurate than the atomic bombs currently deployed in the city.

This news has nevertheless been denied by Shelley Laver, spokesman for the US National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), which said that the production of new nuclear bombs B61-12 will not begin until after 2020, thus invalidating the information that they would be stationed in Germany in 2015.

Another piece of information also says that Italy is about to get new nuclear bombs B61-12, to replace previous B61, which is confirmed from Washington by the Federation of American Scientists (FAS).

This news however was not a secret in the authorized circles, who also knew that in the framework of the modernization of its tactical nuclear arsena,

Washington has planned to station these new bombs, not only in Germany and Italy, but also in the Netherlands, Belgium and Turkey, further complicating the NATO / Russia relationship and undoubtedly constituting a source of insecurity for states that harbor them and nearby populations.

Moreover, many German citizens are unhappy with the future deployment in their countries, and demonstrations are planned to prevent this situation. 100,000 people have already signed a petition on the website Change.org to oppose the deployment of new American nuclear warheads.

Moscow reacted strongly to this information, through the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitri Peskov, who felt it was a serious step towards “a rise in tension in Europe” adding that “a deployment of new US nuclear weapons in Germany would upset the strategic balance in Europe, which would push Russia to adopt counter-measures to restore parity.

The president of the commission of defense and security of the Federation council (Russian senate), Viktor Ozerov said that “the deployment of new US nuclear weapons in Germany could force Russia to withdraw from the Treaty on intermediate-range nuclear forces (INF). “Remember that this Treaty was signed in Washington in 1987 by Presidents Reagan and Gorbachev, providing the dismantling by the United States and the USSR missiles and nuclear warheads conventional warheads.

In the current context, it is clear that the United States is not in a logic of disarmament but rather in a revival of the arms race. Thus, the nuclear rearmament of Germany and Italy, which currently meets no real defensive needs, can provoke Russia by pushing it out of the INF Treaty, which would push the US to do the same…

The Anti-Zionist Party is concerned that the deployment of new nuclear weapons in , which now make this continent a true nuclear time bomb, moreover in context of the military escalation with Russia, which will certainly not stand idly facing this new American provocation.

yahia_gouasmi_05-300x200Yahia Gouasmi

President of Anti-Zionist Party

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aviation russeA few days after President Putin called on the international community at the UN General Assembly to join efforts to fight against the terrorists in Syria, Russian aircrafts went into action by conducting their first strikes against terrorists of the Islamic state (ISIS / Daesh) in Syria.

After meeting with US President Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin announced that Russia was thinking of a way to help the legitimate Syrian power and was willing to consider a military expedition if Damascus issued the request. This has now been executed. The spokesman of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Igor Konachenkov confirmed this.

“Air raids had targeted military equipment, communication centers, vehicles, weapons and fuel depots belonging to members of the terrorist organization.”

He said that the bombing campaign was limited in time, without specifying neither the time nor the details, such as its duration or the number of combat aircrafts engaged. It seems that air strikes will be coordinated from the joint military communications center based in Iraq and created by Moscow, Damascus, Baghdad and Tehran.

Moreover, a Syrian security source said that “the Russian aviation, in cooperation with the Syrian army, had conducted several raids against terrorist positions in Hama, Homs and Latakia” in the northwest and central regions of the countrie.

Hours before the aviation commitment, the upper house of the Russian Parliament unanimously voted to give formal authorization to President Putin to commit the armed forces to fight in Syria against terrorism, after his Syrian counterpart Assad made a written request agreeing to the military aid.

Russia is the only country that does this on a legitimate basis, in full respect of international law.

The request to initiate the armed forces was also motivated by the a large presence of citizens of the Russian Federation in Syria who have joined terrorist groups that could threaten national security if returned to the country.

The head of the Russian presidential administration Sergei Ivanov said the agreement only involved airstrikes, thus excluding the commitment of ground troops, at least for now.

Western reactions were quick, starting with the US representatives who indicated to Reuters that Moscow had given notice an hour before the start of its operations to Washington, which has pushed the US Secretary of State John Kerry to call his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov to complain. The Russian authorities have also urged the US to empty Syrian airspace during the operation.

A US defense official, meanwhile, said that the strikes did not target the Islamic State group, but the opposition to the regime of Bashar al-Assad, even though the White House considered that it was “too early” to determine what the targets were.

As might be expected, an intense media campaign was launched against Russia via many Western and regional media stating that the Russian military operation was making civilians dead and that the shelling targeted the democratic forces and aimed more for maintaining Assad that is fighting ISIS.

The Anti-Zionist Party welcomes the Russian military intervention in support of the Syrian army against the terrorists of the Islamic state that brought the country to its knees, with the help of Western powers.

The fight against takfiris now takes on a new dimension thanks to Russia, which, unlike the USA and their allies, shows a real willingness to end the actions of these terrorist groups created and supported by the US / Israel.

The Anti-Zionist Party hopes that the intervention of Russia, which is the latest country to have engaged in this conflict, will be the prelude to an early settlement of the Syrian tragedy that drove millions of people on the roads and claimed thousands of victims.

Hope remains that all these traffic jams in the Syrian sky do not create incidents that can escalate into a much wider conflict, with disastrous consequences for humanity ……

yahia_gouasmi_05-300x200Yahia Gouasmi

President of Anti-Zionist Party

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The “MISTRALS” soon in Egypt?

1142912_mistral-russes-une-dizaine-de-pays-candidats-au-rachat-web-tete-021250710834_660x352pAccording to sources close to the dossier, the two French Mistral warships, which were to be initially sold to Russia, could eventually be transferred to Egypt, which would finance part of this purchase through the assistance provided by the Gulf countries.

France has proceeded with the cancellation of the sale concluded in 2011, because of the situation in the eastern Ukrainian region where Russia is accused of arming the separatist forces. According to the Elysee, France will not have to pay penalties but will reimburse the amounts payed in advance by Russia, which amounts to slightly less than a billion euros.

The future of Mistral is now a thorny problem for the French government because the French navy has already built three of these warships and has neither the need nor the means to own others. Indeed, time works against France because the maintenance of these warships according to experts would cost between 1 and 2 million euros per month (cost of the dismantling of Russian equipment, babysitting fees, maintenance).

The focus of Paris are turning now to Egypt, eager to strengthen its arsenal to the growing instability of the region, and it describes the ongoing negotiations with Cairo as a “serious option”. The discussions come as the countries of the Middle Eastern region are maneuvering to strengthen their arsenals, especially since the signing of the Iranian nuclear agreement in mid-July between Tehran and Washington that worries the Gulf countries, noting the rising power of their regional rival.

French President Francois Hollande, who went to the opening ceremony of the extension of the Suez Canal in early August, and then discussed with his Egyptian counterpart Abdel-Fattah al-Sissi prospects of deepening the strategic partnership between the two countries, saying the relations between France and Egypt were based on common interests: the fight against terrorism and security.

Egypt has now become a privileged partner of France and this year has already bought 24 aircraft “Rafale”, amounting to 5 billion euros and the acquisition of two Mistrals that can carry troops, armored vehicles and helicopters, can be directly used in military interventions that Cairo decides to wage against those who pose a threat to its security (Yemen, Hamas, Iran, but certainly not Israel ..).

It is deplorable to see that the weapons sold by the West in Muslim countries are systematically used against other Muslim countries, but never against the Zionist entity which has been responsible for all the ills of the region for decades.

The Anti-Zionist Party denounces the French double policy standard of canceling the sale of warships to Russia due to intervention in the Ukrainian conflict while it proposes to sell Egypt making it a participant in the unjust aggression against the Yemeni people.


Yahia Gouasmi Yahia Gouasmi

President of the Anti-Zionist Party



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