• The Challenge of Alternative Media

    Donald Trump’s November 8th victory in the US presidential elections was a surprise to pollsters and traditional media o ...

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    Border security has become a major concern for the Algerian authorities. Indeed, the country’s borders have never been s ...

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    Russian President Vladimir Putin has adopted a new concept for Russia’s foreign policy. Consequently, the decree, ...

  • The Press Release of Christian

    Cotten – Thierry Kabile Stop the abuse of authority and corruption: Public demonstration in Paris Tuesday, Novembe ...

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The Challenge of Alternative Media

presselibreDonald Trump’s November 8th victory in the US presidential elections was a surprise to pollsters and traditional media outlets who had, for the most part, taken the side of his rival candidate. This victory has triggered a debate about the influence of alternative media in regards to public opinion.
It is clear that the development and popularization of the Internet for more than a decade has led to a real media revolution whose effects we can see today.
The existence and importance of free and alternative media as well as the massive and rapid dissemination of information through social networks have become a problem for the ruling elites, who see their strategies of domination strongly thwarted.
Indeed, one of the major challenges of media today is the ability for a multitude of viewpoints to be expressed and heard. But, this pluralism of information calls into question the omnipotence of traditional mass media, which now appears for what it is: a propaganda machine to serve the Elite.
Why is it that alternative media developed at the expense of its traditional competitor?
What is the role of alternative media, and how will the system react?
These are the questions and problems that arise in face of what has always been a major issue; the control and dissemination of information.
Many recent events have shown that alternative media has an important role in the communication and dissemination of information; but, that it could also be a genuine catalyst which sparks action.
Thus, the eventful revolutions in the former Soviet Republic in early 2000, or the 2011 Arab spring showed the power of new media outlets and the difficulty in controlling and muzzling them. In fact, citizens have widely used them, not only to express their frustration and their claims, but also to regroup and organize themselves into action.

However, it turns out that in the case of these “revolutions”, alternative information outlets were largely handled by Western dispensers in order to serve the interests of the people in power. However, the examples of the British referendum on the Brexit or the Trump election also show that alternative media can oppose mass media and influence public opinion in the opposite direction of journalistic propaganda which is at the service of the system.
Thus, while the European media was massively engaged against a British withdrawal from the European Union, the English population has nonetheless voted in favor of the BREXIT demonstrating that the citizens were not duped by the mainstream media game not by the survey institute which works for the system.
The US presidential election, thwarting all predictions, confirmed this phenomenon and unveiled new players which influence the media game: the multitude of partisan Facebook pages as well as nationalist and anti-global news sites such as Breitbart.com (whose executive chairman, Steve Bannon, joined the Trump campaign team and is now a top presidential adviser).
The success of Breitbart, whose traffic reached the same amount of visitors as that of sites such as ABCNews.com and CBSNews.com, is such that the site wishes to set up in France in order to play a role in their upcoming 2017 presidential elections.
Launched in 2007, Breitbart News has experienced tremendous growth due to its strong knowledge of how digital information operates.
“They are very knowledgeable in social media; Facebook in particular. They work hard and relentlessly produce articles. In short, they understand how the Internet is structured and how to instill their ideas in society,” says Erik Wemple, media columnist for the Washington Post.
What seems clear is the disavowal of opinion with regards to traditional media opinion, the vast majority of people understood that they were a tool in the service of the system. This assertion was already stated in 1988, by the American intellectual, Noam Chomsky, in his book, “manufacturing consent”, who essentially wrote that a propaganda system has been established in order to mobilize wide spread support in favor of the special interests of those in power in the government and the private sector. He also added that the media filtered the information which was delivered in order to meet the interests of the ruling class and showed them the viewpoint of only the elites.
Understanding the danger posed by alternative media, it is certain that the offensive has already begun as those in control of traditional media outlets will not remain idle.
This can take different forms:
Defamation aimed at discrediting the media in question (or its owners) calling it racist, anti-Semitic, or Islamist, for example is one of these forms.
Another subtler method is to poison subversive sites. This is done by injecting outlandish information in order to discredit the intellectually of the site, or to create supposedly alternative sites which are infiltrated and manipulated with a flood of sometimes real and sometimes fake information in order to create confusion in the viewer’s minds.
Financial pressure is also used. In fact, recently, the Internet giants Google and Facebook have taken steps to cut advertising revenues from online news sites that they believe would carry false information carriers, and could therefore have a bad influence on public opinion….
If all these measures are not enough, it is likely that they would go as far as to prohibit certain sites that do not feed into the direction of dominant thought citing them as dangerous to the security of citizens.
This has already begun with some jihadist websites, but it doesn’t stop there. We think the resolution passed on November 23rd by the European Parliament providing for measures to limit the activities of Russian media in Europe, entitled “Strategic Communication Union to counter the propaganda directed against it by third parties.” Concerned, among others, the RT TV channel and news agency Sputnik, described as “propaganda tool”.
Alternative media outlets themselves must also be vigilant and avoid the pitfalls that could lead them to get sidetracked or to be bought by the system. Indeed, a number of them could not resist the call of money, and struggle in getting revenue for being a source for ideal justice. Others fall into the egotistical problem where they exclude very intelligent people who would “compete” with them. Finally, some are poisoned or disappear due to their lack of seriousness or intellectual rigor.
Consequently, faced with the massive propaganda of mainstream media, alternative sites and networks show that they are a powerful means of disseminating various information, as opposed to those who carry a “single thought” meant to serve the Elite.
However, regardless of the source of information, it will never replace human intelligence. No media, whatever their level of independence, can claim to think for us.
The Anti-Zionist Party Site is one of these free-thinking media sources. Its mission is to inform and testify in face of the Zionist threat which is leading the world towards destruction. Without claiming to have the absolute truth, our website is trying to raise awareness by providing information which is often obscured by mass media.
Our sole aim is to uphold justice and inform our people. This is our sacred duty.
yahia_gouasmi_05-300x200Yahia Gouasmi
Anti-Zionist Party President


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Algeria Secures its Borders

970585955fc05226ef9c78366ff2b9868d4cb3d9-512x296-680x365_cBorder security has become a major concern for the Algerian authorities.

Indeed, the country’s borders have never been so unstable, with a lot of insecurity, especially on the eastern and southern flanks.

This makes Algeria one of the most involved countries in regional security within an environment of high terrorist activity. Although it is not involved in the conflicts of Libya and Mali, the war efforts it provides in order to protect its borders makes it one of the most committed countries in terms of mobilized means.

Thus, to ensure the surveillance of its land borders which span more than 6000 kilometers, the Algerian National People’s Army (ANP) has no choice but to use modern technological means such as drones which are very effective, particularly in monitoring vast desert areas. We know that since last year a number of these devices were used on the Libyan borders. However, human means were also used. Indeed, tens of thousands of men were mobilized to monitor and protect the border with Mali which is 1,376 km long.

On the western side, the Algerian-Moroccan border is the least unstable of all Maghreb borders despite drug trafficking from Morocco, as well as the smuggling of food and fuel from Algeria.

Nonetheless, vigilance is just as important, thus Algeria deploys sophisticated means to monitor its borders with Morocco. The aim is to combat the various forms of trafficking, which provide terrorist groups important funding sources.

According to the official Algerian agency, APS, last week, an official of the Ministry of Justice announced the “materialization” of a system of technical and electronic surveillance of the country’s land borders, in particular the southwestern borders.

He said that “in addition to the patrols and various other taskforces including infrared cameras, mobile radars, aerial means -drones in particular, and satellite monitoring processes will be used to monitor and control our vast borders in the south-west which cover 3,058 km “.

National borders, particularly land borders in the south-west of the country “are subjected to narco-terrorist activities which engage multiple illegal activities that undermine the security of the country and the national economy”, said the representative of the Department of National Defense.

“Traffickers and smugglers work together with terrorists from different criminal groups operating in neighboring countries at our borders. This requires constant vigilance and increased coordination in the field of intelligence, prevention, and fighting in order to prevent these illegal activities which include drug trafficking, smuggling, and the illegal marketing of arms and ammunition”, he said.

Recall that last May, Morocco had also announced an increase in its security system on its eastern border with Algeria citing the terrorist risk. Previously, in 2014, the kingdom had undertaken the construction of a fence with electronic sensors in order to guard against “any infiltration from members of extremist groups inside the Moroccan territory”, this according to the Minister of the Interior. This fence had provoked reactions in Morocco and Algeria due to its impact on bilateral relations, especially on the issue of reopening the borders.

These are one-sided measures taking place in face of the tension between the two neighbors. Indeed, the two countries disagree on the status of the Western Sahara where 80% of it was annexed to Morocco in 1975, and then claimed by the Polisario Front which supports Algeria.

Thus the disagreement between the two countries is not only due to the Saharawi file, but recently, the safe management of the borders has also become an area of disagreement. Thus, this rivalry is marked by the mutual exclusion and accusation that characterize their relationship.

Nevertheless, Algeria and Morocco are the two nations in the region that have the capacity to overcome the difficulties and shortcomings of their neighbors if they were to work together.

The Anti-Zionist Party calls for a two-sided reconciliation that would redeploy the important means mobilized on both sides of the borders. This would allow the merging of some of their defense and security tools in order to combat foreign threats.

It is time for these large neighboring countries, comprised of brethren, and whose borders have been drawn by colonialism, to seek their unity in order to face the threats created by the Zionist West which wants to keep the Maghreb divided and underdeveloped.

The Algerian-Tunisian bi-lateral process, which has shown success in the area of security, remains an exception for the moment, it could serve as a model in the region.


yahia_gouasmi_05-300x200Yahia Gouasmi

Anti-Zionist Party President

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Vladimir Putin Adopts a New Foreign Policy for Russia

On Thursday 1 December, Russian President Vladimir Putin presented his 13th message to the Federal Assembly

On Thursday 1 December, Russian President Vladimir Putin presented his 13th message to the Federal Assembly

Russian President Vladimir Putin has adopted a new concept for Russia’s foreign policy. Consequently, the decree, which was published on Thursday December 1st, went into effect on the day it was signed, November 30th 2016.

Military Interventions

Russia made the strengthening of justice at the international level its priority and intends on fighting against any military interventions violating its sovereignty. “The Russian Federation is determined to avoid military intervention and other forms of external interference violating international law, especially the principle of the sovereign equality of States. Russia’s motivation comes from concept of the (Responsibility to protect)”, stated the document.

Thus, Russia would object to any attempts of certain countries to challenge the international law, interpret it in an arbitrary manner for political reasons, and any attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of countries with the aim of unconstitutionally reversing power.

The situation in the Middle East

In conflicts, Russia will continue to focus on the political-diplomatic agreement without external interference. Generally, Moscow opts for a resolution in Syria, the unity of its people, and the territorial integrity of the country.


According to the document, the main step in the fight against terrorism is the creation of a broad international coalition.

Russia categorically opposes the use of terrorist organizations by countries in order to achieve their goals be they political, ideological, etc.…

Moscow condemns terrorism in all its forms and believes that terrorist acts cannot be justified by ideological, political, religious, racial, or any other motive.

Russia in turn will take all necessary measures in order to prevent and counter terrorism, to protect its people and the country from terrorist acts, as well as from the spread of terrorist and extremist ideology.

Power Factor

The document also notes that the power factor role in international relations has increased given the tensions and instability of the political and economic systems as well as “the strengthening and modernization of military potential, the creation and deployment of new weapons which weaken strategic stability and pose a threat to global security ensured through arms control agreements”.

“Although the risk of a widespread war, including a nuclear war between key players remains low, the risks of involving them in regional conflicts and escalating crises continues to increase”.

Russia continues to work to strengthen nuclear weapons for the non-proliferation regime.

Russia’s struggle for domination and deterrence

According to the policy, the struggle for domination in the world has become the main drive of the present era. The aim of the United States and its allies is to dissuade Russia, while political and economic pressures weaken regional and global stability.

In addition, the document considers the UN to be the center for monitoring international relations and coordinating a policy that has no alternative and implies that Russia will help improve the mechanism of sanction enforcement by the United Nations.

Accordingly, decisions in this case must be taken collectively and collegially in the Security Council.

Russia-EU relations

The European Union remains an important economic and political partner for the Russian state which calls for a predictable and stable cooperation. The visa system is one of the main obstacles on the road to evolution in the Russia-EU relations. Lifting it will help strengthen the cooperation endeavor.

Russia-NATO relations

As for NATO, Russia intends to build its relations with the Alliance according to the Alliance’s willingness to a fair partnership. However, NATO’s military activities near the Russian borders only create new lines of division and deepen those that already exist.


Similarly, Russia plans to step up its foreign media positions in order to broadcast, to the international public, Russia’s position on key international issues as well as the situation inside the country.



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The Press Release of Christian

Cotten – Thierry Kabile

Stop the abuse of authority and corruption:

Public demonstration in Paris Tuesday, November 29th from 6pm- 8pm

Near the Ministry of Justice

sddefaultThierry Kabile and I have declared at the headquarters of the Paris police department a demonstration against the abuse of judicial authority, for all the victims of violence and judicial corruption.
The event will take place on Tuesday, November 29th, 2016 from 6pm to 8 pm in Paris, close to the Ministry of Justice located on the corner of Danielle Casanova street and la Paix street, metro opera.
Thank you for your participation.

Eliane Kabila’s file- the trafficking of organs and corpses, forging official documents, and abuse of judicial authority for fifteen years – is symbolic and exemplary.  It will help us bring down this justice system which is severely exploited by criminal groups.

Recent developments in this case make it a key political issue: it becomes clear to millions of French that the institutions of the republic, including the judiciary system, are used by white collar offenders and criminal gangs; where they are protected by some judges because the perpetrators of multiple offenses are members of families belonging to public service or its equivalent.

For decades, hundreds of thousands of files accumulate in garbage bins in the French courts, most of which belong to victims of violence including: misplaced and abused children, families destroyed by of social services judges, abused women, imprisoned mothers seeking to protect their children who are the victims of incest and sexual assault, businesses robbed by corrupt agents, financial crooks, banks with the most committed support of certain judges, and weakness which the President of the Republic himself has denounced which allows for the system of guardianships to casually divert assets of aging retirees or hospitals and funeral homes and to sell human body parts, dead or living, in favor of obscure networks turnover .

Not to mention some major issues of international financial trafficking, where the French army is used by some major political gangsters in order to kill their foreign financiers in order to silence them using our bombs. Doing this, we have massacred thousands of their fellow citizens.

Not to mention the Outreau case, which was a scandal of “judicial disaster” because of the manipulation and trampling of child victims and the protection of real offenders who submit to the pressures of gangsters and their accomplices. Everyone who is familiar with this case knows how shameful this manipulation is. A manipulation which continues to this day to silence victims and protect the offenders who should be in prison, but some judges decided to protect, while at the same time, vilifying one of the few honest judges in the case who was trapped by his corrupt colleagues.

The picture of the actual forfeitures of the current French justice system is deeply concerning. Some members and activists estimate that more than ten thousand cases of state violence are carried out by officials who use their illusion of power to destroy lives; the largest benefactors are their crooked white-collar friends.
French judicial institutions operate “freely” without any democratic control: would we accept a train service that would take us from Paris to Marseille using 15 different trains, charges us full price at each train-exchange, and allows for several fatal accidents each week?

So why do we accept a legal system that, fifteen years after the murder of Eliane Kabilein in the hospital from a scar not found in her medical records, followed by a number of unidentified bodies in coffins which are crowned by several signed false public documents whose signatories are known. Why, fifteen years later, do felonious judges continue to sentence Thierry Kabile (18,000 euros in fines to date and counting…)?
Eliane Kabile’s file is proof that the judiciary, police, Civil Registry officers, officials of the Judicial Service of the State Agent, doctors, funeral agents are all complicit in this shameful affair and have been caught. So far, no one in the justice department has been able to answer the questions posed by this heinous crime of trafficking organs and cadavers or explaining the absurdities and inconsistencies of the file, which were highlighted by the first French legal expert in funeral law.

Yet we will have to answer them.
We would be only two protesters who will loudly and clearly state to the Ministry of Justice our imperative and non-negotiable demands on behalf of all the victims of judicial injustice and corruption.

All of these files are no longer court proceedings, but a major problem with the rules of law and democracy. Something which independent and honest journalists should pay close attention.
The demonstration will be held on November 29th from 6pm to 8pm at the intersection of Rue de la Paix and Rue Danielle Casanova, very close to the Place Vendôme and the Opera metro station.
Thank you for your support and participation.

Eliane Kabile’s file on “ The Politics of Life.”


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“We are Facing Grave Danger” – Vladimir Putin

"We are Facing Grave Danger" - Vladimir Putin

“We are Facing Grave Danger” – Vladimir Putin

This month, Vladimir Putin has authorized the deployment of strategic intercontinental missiles called “Demon” at the doors of Europe, with the aim of responding to the Atlanticist provocations and neutralizing the US-Zionist military threat.

Indeed, the NATO operation, “Atlantic Resolve”, continues its march in the Baltic region on the grounds of defending Eastern Europe against a hypothetical Russian aggression. The United States and its NATO allies have already deployed thousands of troops on the western border of Russia and created a rapid response force of 40,000 troops in preparation for a conflict with Moscow. Since 2014, there has been a growth in US military presence in the Baltic countries and in other Eastern European countries which are NATO members.

Eleven NATO member countries: the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Luxembourg and the three Baltic States, have already deployed 4,000 troops to Lithuania in order to train defensively and offensively during a military drill called “Iron Sword”, which will run from November 20th thru December 2nd, 2016. Four battalions formed by the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom will be deployed in 2017; that’s about 1000 soldiers.

Along with the deployment of these troops, NATO has placed its missile defense system at the Russian border and has dared to present Russia as the main threat to international security!

Indeed, there is a threat but it is not who the media, which is submissive to the US-Zionist alliance, reports.

The United States has been readying their weapons for a while … Unilaterally, they withdrew from the ABM Treaty (Anti-Ballistic Missile), on June 13th, 2002, breaking the global strategic balance. It was signed in Moscow in 1972 by the United States and the Soviet Union; the Treaty prohibited the deployment of a missile defense system on all US and Russian territories.

The United States will take advantage of Russia’s period of internal economic and political difficulty which it has faced since 2000 in order to develop its missile defense forces where they see fit. The US believed that with Russia weakened, it would no longer be able to create new strategic weapons and thus they wouldn’t be able to fight NATO and America’s dominating power. What a mistake!

At the International Economic Forum held in St. Petersburg in June 2016, President Vladimir Putin met with various media outlets and urged them to report the danger threatening the world. “We are facing serious danger“, he said.

The head of the Russian state has every reason to worry. Indeed, the crazy race for nuclear weapons by the United States does not bode well. The situation is even extremely dangerous for the international community. Did Mark Milley, Chief of Staff of the US Army, not say that an “extremely deadly” conflict with Russia is “almost certain“? When he spoke on October 4, 2016, he had taken on a threatening tone and said emphatically to those who were trying to oppose the United States: “We will stop you and beat you harder than you Have never been beaten before”. Everyone knows that the warning was aimed at Russia in particular.

The balance of military forces and the diplomatic search for an agreement between the two great powers are essential steps in order to achieve cooperation.

This is why the Anti-Zionist Party is asking European leaders to encourage dialogue between the two major nuclear powers in order to defuse an escalating threat to the world. The Party calls on the European leaders to take full measure of the danger and seek, through diplomatic channels, an agreement between Moscow and Washington. Let us not forget that as Europeans we would be the first to become collateral damage if a nuclear outbreak would occur. The situation would then be out of everyone’s hands, even those who believe they are in control.

yahia_gouasmi_05-300x200Yahia Gouasmi

Anti-Zionist Party President

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