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Francois Hollande: “The Veiled Woman of Today Will Be Tomorrow’s Marianne”

mar-600x338-1While unemployment is raging, public debt has considerably increased, the education system is in jeopardy, social rights are put into question, and the Syrian crisis is putting the world at the brink of a third world war, French politicians consider Islam and Muslims in France as the main problem of our country.
Indeed, this is everyone’s central theme in this pre-election period, including the political and media frenzy which ridicules our country.

In their last published column of “What a President should not say…”, journalists Gerard Davet and Fabrice Lhomme, said:

“The veiled woman of today will be the Marianne of tomorrow.”
To avoid misunderstanding, Francois Hollande expresses his thoughts by stating that:

“Somehow, if we can offer the conditions for her development, she will be able to remove her veil and become French while being religious maintaining her values. Finally, what is the bet that we made? It’s that women prefer freedom to bondage. That the veil may be for her protection, but tomorrow she will not need to be reassured about her presence in society. “

Thus, if one follows the reasoning of the President, a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf cannot be French – since she “will become French” when she is rid of the veil and only then can she embrace and flourish in all that our country has to offer.

Therefore, this veiled Muslim-woman is currently neither “equal” to her unveiled counterpart, nor is she “free.”
Recall, however, that Marianne became the symbol of the republic after the French revolution. She is supposed to embody the values of the Republic and that of the French people: “Liberty, Equality, and Brotherhood.” It symbolizes the “motherland”, the protector but also the warrior and resistance to injustice!

But aside from the religious aspect, are there other messages being conveyed behind the President’s assertions?
It is interesting to note that the Russian media, in order to illustrate the words of François Hollande, used the picture of a veiled woman carrying the French flag. The woman is non-other than Center-Zahra France journalist and an activist in the Anti-Zionist Party, who has numerous interviews with French and international personalities.

See: https://francais.rt.com/france/27457-francois-hollande-femme

The photograph in question was taken on the occasion of an anti-Zionist protest against the Israeli aggression on the civilian population in Gaza.

Is this photo simply a coincidence, or are there messages being conveyed to the government and people of France?
The content of this message illustrates that President Hollande is not only attacking Islam and Muslims, but also anti-Zionism.


This would mean that to become a good French citizen, the Muslim woman should not only remove her veil, but turn away from the fight against Zionism and injustice. Which would impose on her double submission: accept to deny her Muslim female identity, and to agree not to testify against the oppression of others.

The Anti-Zionist Party has always opposed all forms of injustice and all deviants trying to destroy, on one hand, religious freedom facing an increasingly aggressive Zionist power which is against a religion that refuses to submit to their power, and on the other, to annihilate all resistance ambitions to face growing injustices that attack us from all sides.
On our part we hope, that the Marianne of tomorrow will be profoundly an anti-Zionist activist for the establishment of a sixth republic that will witness the return of an independent and liberated France free from the shackles of Zionism and all forms of injustice.
yahia_gouasmi_05-300x200Yahia Gouasmi
Anti-Zionist Party President





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The World is on the Brink of a War Between Russia and US / NATO

rusi-otanThe civil war in Syria has plunged relations between Russia and the Western powers deeper into tension with hints of a new Cold War and a direct confrontation that is now no longer out of the question.

In light of the latest developments in the Syrian conflict, as well as the battle raging against terrorists for the retake of the strategic city of Aleppo, this war by “proxy” which is already global, could turn into a direct confrontation between the great powers; something which has been called for by some in Washington and NATO.
Russia is taking this threat very seriously and preparing its population for the possibility for a large-scale conflict; television broadcasts are reporting about fallout shelters, and last week, 40 million Russians participated in building-evacuation drills and firefighting. This is a contrast to the carelessness of Western societies which remain uninformed by their media whereas Russian channels are subject to censorship or blocking. The Russia Today channel announced that its bank accounts had been frozen in the United Kingdom.

Whether this is a Bluff or not, the fact remains that all of these signs are pointing to a very dangerous situations and are pushing the world closer to the brink of a devastating nuclear war.

This sudden rise of tension appeared last month due to the fast progression of the Syrian Arab army in Aleppo which, with the help of the Russian army and Hezbollah, was headed towards certain victory.

Western forces facing the imminent fall of Aleppo tried to do everything in order to prevent Damascus and Moscow from tilting the military balance of power in favor of the Syrian state. This was done by: breaking the truce in order to allow takfiri groups to reorganize, the US bombardment of the of the Syrian Arab army positions in Deir ez-Zor, threats from top US officials against Russia and its soldiers who “would return home in body bags”, and the shelling of the Russian embassy in Damascus until it was finally suggested that the US / NATO could directly intervene.

Faced with these threats, the Kremlin’s reaction was much stronger than usual; by putting its words into action and stating its red lines. Indeed, after the United States threatened to strike in Syria, Moscow broke its agreement on the limitation of plutonium stocks and adjusted its nuclear bomb launch by being able to send 3 intercontinental missiles.

The Russian Army Spokesman warned his counterparts by announcing that Russia’s armament was able to destroy all unidentified aircrafts in Syria, whether they are cruise missiles or aircrafts, even if they are stealthy.
Moscow sent its S-300 to Syria to be deployed in the base of Latakia while the S-400 has already been sent there in response to the same concern.

In parallel, the Kremlin in Europe has implemented the deployment of the Iskander tactical ballistic missile systems in the Kaliningrad region announcing that they “will target all objects that disrupt the global military balance, and that the missiles are intended to repel any threat made in the foreseeable future under the so-called “missile defense.”

Russia’s actions are warnings that should be taken seriously by the West, particularly Europeans who are in the front lines in the event of direct confrontation, especially France and Britain.
Indeed, they are in the forefront of the anti-Russian fight, as shown by the French proposal at the UN, which Moscow vetoed. The proposal requires: the cessation of bombarding and fighting to the east of Aleppo, the delivery of humanitarian aid, and the resumption of the negotiating process.

Paris was even allowed to accuse Russia and the Syrian regime of war crimes, which echoed what US Secretary of State John Kerry said, who even went as far as to call Russia to justice!

One consequence of this hostility was the increasingly clear military agreement with China, which clearly supports Moscow in the current crisis.

In fact, Beijing and Moscow have realized, as have most informed experts, what is at stake in Syria; the reconfiguration of the global balance and challenging the US domination of the planet in order to switch to a multipolar world.
No matter what, Moscow will not yield and hopes that the United States understands that it must declare war on Russia and its allies if it (the United States) wants to go forth with its plans in Syria.

Thus, we reached a point where both parties are aware of the red lines; for Russia, the red line is any US attack against the Syrian Arab Army, while that of the United States is the successful release of Aleppo by the Syrian government troops.

The problem is that neither can do anything without losing their dignity. Even a bluff can quickly escalate out of control. In Washington, especially during this election, Obama seems to not be in charge. In fact, everything leads us to believe that it is the pentagon, consequently the army, that is in charge of foreign policy. This makes world tranquility seem to be out of reach.
Thus, apart from the sedated people in Western societies, all observers are aware that Russia and the US have dramatically raised the stakes in Syria, with each side escalating diplomatic rhetoric and military posturing, to the point where it appears that the world is on the brink of total war between the two largest nuclear powers.

The Anti-Zionist Party hopes that reason will prevail and that we will avoid a world war. We urge the government to recognize the danger and stop its unconditional alignment with the American-Zionist policy that has led us straight into the wall, and would put our country in the frontlines in case of a confrontation.
The Anti-Zionist Party also calls on the media and politicians to take responsibility and to inform the public of the threat before it is too late.

yahia_gouasmi_05-300x200Yahia Gouasmi
Anti-Zionist Party President

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The French Proposal in Aleppo

jean-marc-ayraultVarious kinds of proposals offered by the West to end the conflict in Syria, the country which has been at the center of attention for the past five years, have not reached any solution so far.

During UN Security Council’s emergency session which was held on October 16th, France suggested a new draft resolution which calls for a cease-fire in Aleppo.

French Ambassador to the United Nations, François Delattre, said that a delegation made up of 15 experts from 5 different countries (France, Russia, US, UK and China) worked on this conflict’s management, specifically on the situation in Aleppo, and proposed to ban military flights over the city in order to allow safe access of humanitarian aids to the Syrian people.


Although, Russia, UN Council’s permanent member, doubts the effectiveness of this proposal. However, Moscow does not exclude the initiative and demands a detailed plan which can be thoroughly examined.

Permanent Russian Ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, said: “The proposal’s novelty lies in the idea of creating a monitoring mechanism of the cease-fire. Nevertheless, such a process already exists in Geneva, and indeed, has not been effectively used. We have doubts about its effectiveness”.

After hearing that from the Russians.

Paris was annoyed like a spoiled child and rushed to “threaten” one of the world greatest powers, without considering the consequences of its act:
“I warn Russia it will be held responsible for not considering a cease-fire”, said Jean-Marc Ayrault, the French Minister of Diplomacy, who escalated the situation by adding: “Any state that opposes the resolution would be deemed complicit in war crimes”.

Recall that Russia has been accused by the Security Council for its participation in Aleppo’s bombing, and the relations between Americans and Russians, who keep blaming each other for the failure of a truce, have deteriorated.


Paris has joined Washington which broke the dialogue with Moscow last September, due to the Russian-Syrian attacks on Aleppo.

France should not play with fire for the reason that it is not big enough to go after the “BEAR” of the West.

The Anti-Zionist Party warns the French government to stop its whims and urgently hurry to mend the broken fences with Russia before it is too late. If broken relations between Paris and Moscow did not restore, France will certainly be heading towards destruction.

yahia_gouasmi_05-300x200Yahia Gouasmi
Anti-Zionist Party President

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Pressure on Al-Azhar Mosque

Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed el Tayeb in the  mosque of the Al Azhar

Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed el Tayeb in the mosque of the Al Azhar

Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed el Tayeb of the Al-Azhar University Mosque has recently met with the current National Nasserist delegation. They discussed a multitude of important points on both a political and denominational level.
Some of the topics discussed included the situation in the Arab world, the role of Al-Azhar Mosque, the anti-Zionist resistance, and a commitment to work with Sunni and Shiite Muslims in order to persuade them to a reconciliation.

This is also the time when one of the delegation’s members would have conveyed the greeting of Hassan Nasrallah, the revered representative of the resistance, but the Egyptian Sheikh confessed that unfortunately he was a victim of great pressure. Indeed, he was urged to issue fatwas calling to the hatred of Shia and, at the same time, prevented him from conveying the greetings of the Secretary General of Hezbollah.

The Anti-Zionist Party can only rejoice these positions we adhere to and which are also in line with important figures who are recognized by both Sunni and Shia Muslims.
We will use the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, as an example. Recently, he strongly criticized Islamic leaders of various Sunni Schools who were suspected of being recruited by the intelligence services of some Western countries.

“Anything that offends Shiites or any other Islamic school or thought means collusion with foreign intelligence services,” declared Ayatollah Khamenei during the last Eid Al-Ghadir celebration.

Attempts at dividing the Muslims which ultimately only serves those in control over the holy places of Islam, are growing so quickly that we must worry about them and take them seriously.

Amid the nauseating projects: “British Shiism”, the latest calls for violence from the weekly sermons of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, and the pressures being applied to large bodies of Sunni Islam, it is high time that speeches like that of Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed el Tayeb are heard and that Al Azhar University finally regain the place it deserves in representing the Muslim affairs.

Contrary to what the Wahhabi kingdom of Saudi Arabia might suggest, it has never really been able to match Al-Azhar University in regards to reference materials or other religious knowledge. Also, when pressure is placed upon in it (Saudi Arabia), it tries to manipulate the entire Sunni tradition.
Whatever our beliefs, we must support those who are working for unity and justice, not those who are sowing discord. The time has come to break away from these false conflicts which have poisoned the Muslim community for centuries and to finally unite against the common enemy and divider that represents the Zionist oligarchy.
yahia_gouasmi_05-300x200Yahia Gouasmi
Anti-Zionist Party President

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Gaza, after 10 years of blockade, a new flotilla intercepted

women-s-boat-516x387On Wednesday, the Israeli Zionist navy announced that it had intercepted the “boat of women” which was heading to the Gaza Strip coast in order to protest against the Israeli blockade of the Palestinian enclave.

Aboard the Zaytouna-Oliva sail boat, fifteen women of various nationalities, headed by the Northern Irish, Mairead Maguire who had won a Nobel Peace Prize, set out from Barcelona, Spain.
The objective of these courageous women was to break the maritime, land and air blockade imposed for 10 years by the Zionist entity of Israel against the small enclave. However, the Zionist entity’ troops intercepted the boat.

The Zionist entity’s navy stated that an Israeli troop inspected the boat which was found to be “uneventful”; something they have never experienced before. Citing a naval officer, the Zionist Israeli public radio said that the vessel was boarded 35 miles off the coast of Gaza.

The radio added that the ship and its passengers, including a doctor from Malaysia ,Fauziah Hasan, and a former colonel in the US Army, Ann Wright, were taken to the Ashdod port, southern of occupied Palestine.


A spokesman for the “all-women boat”, Claude Léostic, whom was contacted by telephone, told AFP news (French News Agency) that “contact was lost with the boat.
Hamas, which controls Gaza said that the operation conducted by the Israeli Zionist entity’s navy fell within the realm of “state terrorism”.

The Secretary General of the Organization for the Liberation of Palestine (PLO), Saeb Erekat, also condemned the boat’s interception.

Mr. Erekat, who called for the “liberation” of the transients, said: “We strongly condemn the Israeli aggression against the international flotilla, which tried to break through the illegal siege imposed by Israel on the people of Gaza”.

Gaza residents had hoped to celebrate the arrival of the boat; scouts and music groups were standing by in the harbor. Boats had also planned to go out to sea in order to greet the boat at the 6 mile boundary beyond which the Zionist entity’s navy regularly launches warning shots, stops fishermen, and even opens fire on boats.


Recall that the Oslo agreements signed between Israelis and Palestinians in 1993, allowed Gazans to navigate, especially for fishing purposes, up to 20 miles offshore. Nevertheless, the Zionist entity’s authorities have greatly reduced this distance.

Since 2008, several civilian expeditions tried to break through the Gaza Strip’s blockade, but unfortunately did not succeed. Do not forget the deadly episode that gripped the Mavi Marmara flotilla on May 31st, 2010, in which 10 Turkish activists were killed by the Israeli assault.


The Anti-Zionist Party is concerned about the 10-year illegal and unjust blockade, which is passed over in total silence; yet what is worse is its continuity. The Palestinians are dying in front of the whole world and only a few men and women are reacting. We are concerned about these brave women’s fate and call on governments to act in ending the inhumane and shameful actions conducted by the Zionist entity of Israel. Above all, we call upon them to force Israel to lift its illegal blockade.


yahia_gouasmi_05-300x200Yahia Gouasmi

Anti-Zionist Party President

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