› Gaza: Panic at the Israeli general staff!

Gaza: Panic at the Israeli general staff!

Dimanche, 02 Décembre 2012 [Section :  Communications du PAS]
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Panic at the Israeli general staff!Panic at the Israeli general staff!Gaza: Panic at the Israeli general staff!

Let us return on the two hypotheses discussed in our previous paper: “The last wills of Israel?

First hypothesis: A planned and organized war against Gaza, by the Zionist entity.

Second hypothesis: An unprepared war, accidental and not controlled.

This war has caused the surprise of the Israeli general staff, the West, the Arab world, but above all, a panic in the Israeli general staff and his refusal to follow the policy of Netanyahu (the risks are too high and the outcome, uncertain): more than one Israeli jet fighter was shot, helicopters, tanks and boats were affected off Gaza, rockets were launched on the Knesset, on Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and on the nuclear power station…

If this war continues, the Israeli general staff will be led into a trap, from where the Israelis will come out weakened and their image tarnished. The myth of the “Great Israel” will collapse; the escape and the exodus will begin.

The West exerts a pressure never achieved before, given the urgency of the situation and in order to stop this war. To do so, it needs the support of the Hamas, the Egyptian President Morsi, the Arab League, Tunisia and Turkey.

To sum, one peace for other priority wars in their agenda (Syria, Hezbollah, Iran)!

The most surprising would be that the Islamic Jihad and the Al-Quds Brigade accept this peace, this compromise and this American-Zionist trap…

By Yahia Gouasmi
President of the Anti Zionist Party

Yahia Gouasmi  -  President of the Anti Zionist Party

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