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Vendredi, 05 Octobre 2012 [Section :  Communications du PAS]
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Why would not Iran attack the Zionist entity in a preventive war?Why would not Iran attack the Zionist entity in a preventive war?Countdown for Israël

« If the Zionist regime is engaged in any acting against Iran, it will have itself pushed on the button of his destruction ». Such was the unequivocal declaration of the Commander-in-chief of the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution, Mohammad Ali Jafari.

According to the official version, Israel wants to attack the Islamic Republic of Iran, since it is expected to possess nuclear weapons within 6 months. So why Iran should not attack, in a preventive war, the Zionist entity, in order to prevent the supposed Israeli attack before 6 months?

What has to be remembered of this bellicose Israeli declaration against Iran is that within six months, we will have to deal with a crisis that seems an insurmountable. How can we still endure this Israeli Zionist entity, which since its creation has merely sown the venom of hatred, war and injustice!

As for Iran, until now, it has not committed any aggression or started any war against anyone. It is curious that the West supports its bastard (the zionist entity), since its birth, whereas the West itself preaches peace, freedom and democracy.

Do these words have a meaning? If they do, well it's the meaning that the news gives them, i.e. a third world war. Do we have to go through this? For sure everything shows that we are going that way, and Islamic eschatology had foreseen it. We are moving towards a world where leaders are irresponsible. How unfortunate for our humanity!

As for us, the Anti Zionist Party, our full and indefectible support goes to justice, Iran, his guide, his government and his people.

By Yahia Gouasmi
President of the Anti Zionist Party

Yahia Gouasmi  -  President of the Anti Zionist Party

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